Oh noes: A Romney win might diminish our reputation with Europeans

If President Obama inspired Americans with his messages of Hopenchange in 2008, it was practically nothing to how gaga Europeans went over him, full of rapture that their delicate sensibilities would no longer be offended by that uncouth cowboy in the office before him.

A while back, we learned that President Obama has more recently been losing some steam with the European crowd, but it seems that that was more of an über-liberals-disappointed-because-Obama-hasn’t-been-liberal-enough type of slackening in popularity, as they’re disillusioned with some of his broken promises of the “close Gitmo”-ilk. It seems that Barack Obama is still Europeans’ vastly preferred choice, however, as they disapprove highly of Mitt Romney and his — quelle horreur — free-market, exceptionalism-touting, Republican ways. Via the Guardian:

The reputation of the US in Europe risks sinking back to Bush-era levels of unpopularity if Mitt Romney becomes president, according to new international polling published on Tuesday.

Only around one in 20 of those surveyed in Britain, France and Germany by YouGov held a positive view of the Republican presidential nominee. …

Forty-seven percent of UK respondents said a Romney victory would make them feel less favourable towards the US, and only 3% would make them feel more favourable.

That sentiment was mirrored in Germany and France, where only 4% and 5% respectively said that he would make them feel more favourable towards the US. In Germany, 48% said it would make them feel less favourable and in France 38%.

Man, I don’t know, guys. What do you think — dealbreaker? What with their many debt crises and severe unemployment levels, coupled with their socialism and their general political foppishness — which is all just working out so well for them — the absence of the European layman’s endorsement is kind of a dagger to my heart. I think I may have to rethink my vote now. …Not. You’ll forgive me, Europe, if I prefer to work for an America that is a strong, robust, take-no-prisoners powerhouse of moral and economic righteousness, rather than just another impotent, piddling player on the international stage. Sorry I’m not sorry.