Obama in 2008: "We're going to keep trying a bunch of stuff until something works"

Via Morgen Richmond, a throwback gem from the inescapable annals of the digital age. Particularly in light of today’s revelations about President Obama’s leadership deficiencies, I find these comments from just about this time of year back in 2008 especially irksome:

If you think about previous crises — FDR — there were a whole bunch of programs that he tried that didn’t work. But what he was able to provide to people was a sense that, somebody’s in charge, and we’re going to get through this. … That’s the job of the president. To organize the best people out there, to rally the country, to give them a sense of direction and vision, and say, ‘You know what? We’re going to keep on trying a bunch of stuff until something works.’

Wait… the president is supposed to give people a “sense of direction and vision” while simultaneously just “trying a bunch of stuff”? No. The White House hasn’t been trying a “bunch of stuff,” just implementing more recycled Keynesian-ish garbage and then twiddling their thumbs while the economy continues to stall out, and blaming it on all of the oh-so-regrettable hyper-partisanship in which they’re willfully participating. And yes, President Obama, your lack of economic, financial, and/or business prowess has been all too evident — maybe this next time around, we should all try electing a guy who actually has run something more than a lemonade stand, no? (But, then again, President Obama feels that the biggest mistake of his first term has been failing to properly regale Americans with his storytelling abilities, so, wash, I guess…?)