President Obama: "You'll love me even more"

But… but… I didn’t think that was even possible! [Swoons, faints.] Speaking from the campaign trail in Iowa on Friday night, via the Weekly Standard:

AUDIENCE MEMBER:  “We love you, Obama!”

THE PRESIDENT:  “I love you back.  But let me tell you the fourth thing — you’ll love me even more. Fourth, my plan would reduce our deficit without sticking it to the middle class.  Independent analysis has shown that my plan would cut deficits by $4 trillion.  And I’ve already worked with the Republicans in Congress to cut a trillion dollars’ worth of spending, because those of us who care about what government can do to help people give them a ladder up…”

Of course, taken in the full context, it was a perfectly appropriate and humorous response to the rowdy audience member who simply couldn’t manage to keep his enthusiasm bottled up inside; but as a one-liner, it’s just so… fitting. Given this president’s almost extraordinary level of amour-propre, it is wholly unshocking to me that that’s his natural quick-draw reaction to the situation. Telling, eh?