Coming to a theater near you: Atlas Shrugged II

For any of those craven, right-wing extremist, depraved “Randian” devotees in the audience (because heaven forbid anybody should find any valuable food for thought in an epic tale about rugged individualism and the drive for human freedom overcoming the gaping deficiencies of central planning — ew, gross), here’s the newly released trailer for the second installment of the film interpretation of Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged. The first installment that came out last year didn’t do quite as well as the filmmakers might’ve hoped, and after wondering for a time whether to continue with the project before deciding to forge ahead, it looks like there’s been some rearranging and a change-up in the lead actors, but heck — I’ll still go see it. I thought they did a fine job with the first one, and any film that’s willing to go against the grain of the typically liberal moral squish of big Hollywood is okay by me. It’ll be in select theaters on October 12th!