Latest Romney ad enlists Bill Clinton: "Give me a break"

As ever, Team Obama’s inability to tout their own candidate’s economic record meant bringing Bill Clinton to the front and center of the campaign fray, first with ads and then with a prominent convention role, to do the heavy lifting on convincing Americans that Democrats can indeed accomplish great feats with the economy and the budget when just given a long-enough chance (i.e., forget about everything President Obama’s failed to do during his four years; give him four more and just remember how great everything was during President Clinton’s time in office!). We already have ample evidence of Bill Clinton’s many digs at Barack Obama and his policies from yesteryear, but in the wake of his long-winded and factually struggling speech last night, here’s Team Romney reminding us that Clinton wasn’t always a member of the Obama fan club. Heh.

And just for fun, here’s the Romney campaign’s resident ‘honey badger’ with his thoughts on Clinton’s convention role:


“Two-thirds of the speech was a great infomercial for the Clinton brand. … And then at the end, he said, ‘Oh, by the way, there’s somebody else running for president and I think I’m here to endorse him.’ What they were talking about last night has nothing to do with reality.”