Albright campaigns for Obama: We're going to keep blaming Bush "forever"

How nice. From Revealing Politics, here’s former Clinton-appointed U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright speaking at an Obama campaign rally in Colorado and assuring supporters that Democrats will quit blaming ‘the previous administration’ for all of the country’s problems on approximately the twelfth of never.

“All of a sudden this man gets up and says, ‘How long will you blame the previous administration for all of your problems?’ I said, ‘Forever.'”

Well, at least they’re consistent, I suppose. President Obama has yet to let up in blaming a whole myriad of “headwinds” that are most conclusively and without a doubt preventing his policies from working as he promised they would, so why should any of his surrogates? (Intellectual honesty and/or personal accountability, by the way, are not good reasons. Evidently.)

Also last week in Colorado, Albright warned supporters that the foreign-policy team in a Romney administration would apparently look just like it did under the Bush administration. Quelle horreur:

Albright told a crowd of Obama supporters Wednesday that Romney is surrounded by Bush’s foreign policy advisers. She said: “If you liked the previous administration, all those people will be back. It’s the same people.”