"We can win North Carolina again!" says Biden... in Virginia

Who hasn’t had some sort of rockstar-esque, “Thank you, Cincinnat– er, Denver!” slip-of-the-tongue moment of public-speaking horror, and Vice President Joe Biden was stumping in North Carolina yesterday. And, North Carolina and Virginia are similar in electoral weight, their usually-quite-reddish-but-lately-more-purplish recent histories, and their too-close-to-call swing statuses… but, still: It’s Biden. It’s kind of funny.

“With you, we can win North Carolina again, and if we do, we win the election!”

I think I saw him realize what he said and blanch for just a split second there, but he just decided to roll with it. Heh. Anyway, I merely point this out in light of the recent revelation that Joe Biden and Paul Ryan are going to have to debate one another on the national stage soon, and if this sort of melodramatic, populist silliness is the best defense Joe Biden can offer on the Obama economy…

…then Paul Ryan is going to absolutely obliterate him. [Rubs hand together and laughs gleefully.]