Important new campaign endorsement: "DJs for Obama"

I’m really hoping that the almost 17 percent unemployment rate among those aged 18 through 29 is going to do something to quell the blind and unbridled enthusiasm we witnessed from the youth vote last time around, maybe to help bolster their immunity to hopey-changey rigmarole like this.

Chyeah, brah! I can totally see why November will prevent such a tough choice for the youth voters, though: I mean, this ad’s argumentation is just so compelling. DJs are all about “motivation, inspiration, celebration,” which is why it makes perfect sense for DJs to “not only celebrate this man, but motivate people to re-elect him,” no? Who needs fiscal reality when there’s baseless inspiration to be had? And don’t forget to “learn the issues, watch the news, follow your leaders on Twitter or Facebook” and etcetera — but then “go for Barack Obama” anyway. All the cool kids are doing it, you know.

Let me be clear: I have zero issues with DJs, or with DJs voicing their opinions, or even with presidential campaigns capitalizing on cool-factor sentiments in order to mesmerize and capture the youth vote. I merely take umbrage with why the Obama campaign believes it’s worthwhile to create ads like this one: Because my fellow youths are so often repelled by the thought of bold, independent, and critical thinking that might separate them from the herd, that they’re easily duped with desultory, beguiling, celebrity-worshipping nothing-burgers like this. Get it together, young people — haven’t you heard that we are the future?