MSNBC's Mitchell: Ryan "not a pick for women"

Just after Paul Ryan made his running-mate debut in front of the USS Wisconsin on Saturday, Andrea Mitchell reported back to MSNBC — and decreed that Romney’s selection means that “this is a base election. This is not a pick for suburban moms, this is not a pick for women.” …What the what?

In the name of all that is holy — stop presuming to speak for me. Please, please, please, liberal women, quit boxing me in to your stupid self-stereotypes. It never fails to mystify me as to why women could possibly be so eager to reduce the scope of their interests to such small-minded identifications. Oh, that’s right — most of them don’t, it’s just a stupid political ploy by the Left to make it seem like there’s no logical way that half of the population could group themselves with the Republican party.

According to progressives these days, it appears that the depth of my political sentience amounts to assuring free contraception and guaranteeing my right to get an abortion (because, duh, ‘we don’t want the government in our bedrooms’ and whatever). I suppose there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that “suburban moms” could be more concerned with their children’s future in terms of their employment and wealth prospects and the overall fiscal solvency of the United States, than in terms of making sure a nanny state will cover the costs of their personal, private decisions. And goodness knows there aren’t any women who consider themselves a part of the conservative base — because any females who align themselves beneath such a banner clearly aren’t real women, or something. Facepalm.