Psshh, President Obama is like an "open book," scoffs Carney

When I first saw this headline, I immediately assumed that White House press secretary Jay Carney was being sarcastic and having a laugh at his boss’s expense. I should have known better.

White House press secretary Jay Carney is asked about President Obama’s record on transparency and if he would release his college transcripts at some point. Carney dismisses this request as a “Donald Trump question” and refers the reporter to the campaign for an answer. …

“I think the president’s record of unprecedented levels of transparency in the White House is well established,” Carney said at today’s briefing. “His record as a candidate, both when he ran for the Senate, when he ran for the president in 2008 and now as a candidate for reelection, in terms of transparency, is a sold one and reflects a long tradition being an open book, as I think he described it when he was asked this question not long ago. That’s part of the process.”

Now hold up just a dang minute, Mr. Carney. President Obama, both as a candidate and as the leader of The Most Transparent Administration Evah, has been a far cry from what any reasonable person would call an “open book” — but way to try and dismiss the question by bringing in the almost universally agreed upon blustering bombast of Donald Trump.

Nevermind that the mainstream media gave candidate Obama a stupendously negligent vetting prior to the 2008 election. The real issue is that transparency, to President Obama, is just another in a long line of broken campaign promises. Funnily enough, I’m going to go ahead and let CNN handle this one.

He promised to publish the White House visitors’ log so the public could see who was coming and going all the time. But his administration later came under fire for holding meetings with lobbyists across the street at a townhouse with no visitor records.

Foreman continued by stating that the president “appointed a transparency czar and a year later dropped him, saying the White House attorney can handle that work.”

Foreman then turned his attention to a June fundraiser at the home of actress Sarah Jessica Parker. At that event, “the Secret Service parked a dump truck in front of our camera to keep Obama hidden from view.”

Those incidents, the veteran CNN journalist observed, have prompted [liberal] publications ranging from the New York Times to the Mother Jones magazine “to sharply criticize the president for being far from the champion of transparency he claims to be.”

And what’s more, as a candidate this time around, President Obama’s demand to have absolute privacy at certain fundraisers, re: by requiring attendees to surrender their cell phones, is unacceptable when he’s simultaneously trying to paint Romney as “the most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon.” In my opinion, unless you’re in your family’s personal rooms or hunkered down in a dire moment of significance to national security, sorry buddy, but you are not entitled to privacy. You’re the president of the United States, a.k.a. public servant number one. Deal with it.

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