Video: The Best of America

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Every single day is a fantastic day to appreciate the many blessings of living in The Greatest Country on Earth, but the anniversary of our independence in particular is always a good time to reflect on the particularly American mix of virtues that have built this fine nation. Pride, hard work, resolve, personal responsibility, a can-do attitude, devotion to family and community, entrepreneurship, self-reliance, respect for the rule of law — I can feel my heart swelling just thinking about it.

That pretty much sums up Mitt Romney’s message for his fellow countrymen on this great day: This is America, dammit, and we do not need to accept the diminished future toward which our current path is pointing us.

It’s almost enough to send a good ol’ thrill up your leg, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is actively engaging in a campaign to discourage self-reliance and “mountain pride,” in an effort to get still more Americans to sign up for the food stamp program. Hmm… I wonder what possible motives might Team Obama have for wanting more Americans to be dependent on the federal government?

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