O'Malley: Democrats need to "stop being so precious" with their money and donate already

Democrats are starting to feel a tad bit nervous about the amount of cash Mitt Romney is managing to generate for his presidential campaign — he’s quite literally giving President Obama a run for his money.

Obama for America and the Democratic National Committee had a combined $139 million in the bank while the newly minted presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, and the Republican National Committee had a total of $44 million. And $35 million of that was the RNC’s. Mr. Romney’s coffers were nearly bare.

Fast forward to June 7. The Obama campaign announced the combined Democratic effort had taken in $60 million in May, primarily from an extensive schedule of presidential fundraisers (including $15 million from a dinner at actor George Clooney’s).

That afternoon, Team Obama received an unwelcome surprise when the Romney campaign and RNC announced they raised a combined $76 million during May. …

The Democrats’ official fundraising numbers, released on Wednesday, showed that the $95 million cash-on-hand advantage Obama and the DNC had over the Republicans at the end of April had been cut by two-thirds at the end of May to $33 million. This is in part because the Obama campaign is burning through its war chest so fast and in part because of the impressive $107 million that the Romney campaign and the RNC announced they had on hand at May’s end.

Come on, Democrats, it’s time to pony up, open your checkbooks, and get President Obama reelected! At least that was the message Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley had for the illiberal liberals of his own party on MSNBC this morning.

“I think all of us need to do everything we can,” the Democratic Governors Association chairman said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “That’s true of people of limited means, people of great means. You can’t just sit back and say, oh, because the extreme right is trying to buy this election, we’re going to unilaterally disarm.”

He continued: “I think we all need to put our oars in the water and we all need to row forward and I think especially Democrats of means have to stop being so precious about the magic wand that the president hasn’t waved on this issue, that issue or the other issue. I mean, my goodness, I thought we were working and electing a president, not a magician here. This is the real world.”

Hmm — formerly loyal supporters either do not have, or are unwilling to give, gobs of their hard-earned money to the president who has presided over the most meager not-a-recovery since the Great Depression? That’s so strange.

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David Strom 3:31 PM on November 30, 2022