NYT/CBS News poll: More than 2/3 of Americans hope SCOTUS will bring the pain on ObamaCare

I get shivers just thinking about the fate of ObamaCare, currently ruminating within the minds of the nine Supreme Court justices over on the Hill. Just think about it — what if this monstrosity is actually overturned? Most glorious instance of (both actual and poetic) justice, ever? A nail-biting quandary, but June shall tell.

Theories abound as to whether the justices tend to give a hoot about popular opinion, but if the justices are in tune with the wishes of the American people, plenty of polls concur that ObamaCare should be shakin’ in its boots. These numbers haven’t changed much over the past months — even after the six hours of oral arguments in March, it appears most people had their minds made up already — but it just confirms that most Americans remain firmly in the anti-ObamaCare camp.

The latest poll conducted by the New York Times and CBS News suggests that a mere 24 percent of Americans are hoping the Supreme Court will keep the entire health care law in place, while over two-thirds are hoping that either the individual mandate and/or the entire law will be overturned.

There was greater Republican opposition to the law than Democratic support. About two-thirds of Republicans in the recent survey said the entire law should be overturned, while 43 percent of Democrats said all of the law should be upheld.

More than 70 percent of independent voters said they wanted to see some or all of the law struck down, with a majority saying they hoped to see the whole law overturned. Twenty-two percent of independents said they hoped the entire law would survive.

Responses varied by education, too. Nearly a third of respondents with a college education said they would like to see the law upheld, compared with about 20 percent of those without a college degree.

Heh, that bit about the difference in education levels made me chuckle. I’m not knocking a college education at all, but it just goes to show: attending college doesn’t necessarily make you more intellectual; it might just make you think you’re more intellectual. (Unfortunately for President Obama, though, the bit about independents not being on board probably doesn’t have him chuckling. Tough break.)

As Allahpundit noted yesterday, Mitt Romney’s got a great new line of attack going. In a nutshell: Mr. President, what business did you have creating a new and shoddily-designed entitlement program when our already-forthcoming entitlement crisis was entirely predictable and the economy is still stumbling along in an extended near-recession? For goodnesss’ sake, what exactly were you thinking?

Now that more and more Americans have cottoned on to the fact that the PPACA is a massive intrusion on personal liberty that will further retard free-market growth, nobody seems too keen on this severely ill-thought-out behemoth of legislation. Here’s hoping that the ‘crowning achievement’ of Obama’s first term turns out to be the crowning failure of his one-term presidency.

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