BREAKING: Judge strikes down Emperor Michelle's suspension of the Second Amendment

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Was there any real doubt? Maaayyybeee just a skosh, although the speed in which Judge David Urias addressed these lawsuits certainly gave a big clue. Just moments ago, the federal judge issued an order blocking Michelle Lujan Grisham’s attempt to use a self-declared “health emergency” to block legal firearms carry in Bernalillo County.


It’s a temporary order pending a full hearing in three weeks, but that should be a clear enough signal even to someone as dim as Emperor Michelle I:

U.S. District Court Judge David Herrera Urias has granted a temporary restraining order Wednesday against Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s recent order banning the lawful carry of firearms in Bernalillo County.

The ruling cited the orders’ direct conflict with the Second Amendment and will halt implementation of the orders pending a final hearing, which is scheduled for Oct. 3.

Urias expressed sympathy for the plaintiffs, who only want to lawfully exercise their constitutional rights:

U.S. District Court Judge David Urias said the governor’s 30-day suspension of concealed and open firearm carry rights went against recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings and violated the rights of law-abding citizens to defend themselves.

“They just want the right to carry their guns,” Urias said of the several plaintiffs who requested restraining orders on Lujan Grisham’s Sept. 8 emergency public health order.

Only sections 1 and 4 of Lujan Grisham’s order are enjoined by Urias’ order, but those were the most objectionable. The plaintiffs no doubt will develop an argument about section 2, which required “monthly inspections of licensed firearms dealers,” which is a strange demand in what was supposed to be a 30-day order. That doesn’t appear to be a constitutional issue, though, and any objections might be moot before an effective challenge can be mounted.


The real question now is whether Lujan Grisham finally and belatedly recognizes the incredibly stupid position in which she has put herself. Lujan Grisham wound up alienating all of her political support in the state, at first with her declaration and then with her insulting rebuke to Bernalillo County sheriff John Allen and Albuquerque’s political and law-enforcement leadership, all of whom refused to enforce her ridiculous order. Lujan Grisham laughably declared that she didn’t need “a lesson in constitutionality” from Allen and suggested that he was being gutless rather than principled.

Well, Judge Urias just gave Lujan Grisham the lesson she claimed she didn’t need, and a path to retreat before a full hearing three weeks from now. Will Lujan Grisham learn that lesson, or will she simply assert that Urias has as much authority over her office as she claims the US Constitution has? With anyone else, I’d bet on the former, but Lujan Grisham has proven so inept that the latter wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

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