Biden docs, taking time off, and NFL playoffs: Off the Beaten Path with Larry O'Connor!

Biden docs, taking time off, and NFL playoffs: Off the Beaten Path with Larry O'Connor!

What do the Biden document scandal, the NFL playoffs, and Thomas Aquinas all have in common? Larry O’Connor and I squeeze all of them into our new weekly VIP show. Today, we look at the untold story behind the discovery of Joe Biden’s classified material scandal, and discuss Larry’s new spiritual exercise in providing focus and contemplation to his daily life, Exodus 90. We also lament that we’ll have to root for either the Eagles or the 49ers next week, plus more!

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Welcome to our new VIP video series “Off the Beaten Path,” featuring my friend Larry O’Connor! The Townhall columnist and Salem News Channel host starts off our week by discussing stories and ideas that may fly under our radar, in culture, politics, sports, and more. Plus, Larry previews tonight’s SNC show!

On the Biden docs, Larry provides a more detailed explanation. “You know, if you ask anyone in the media right now, you know, what did the Biden Administration do the second they found out about the documents?” he asked. “‘Oh, they did the right thing, they notified the archive, and the archive immediately notified the Justice Department.’ That’s not what happened,” Larry declares, and explains how a chance Inspector General review uncovered the scandal.

Mostly, though, we want to give everyone a fresh start on the week by looking away from the news cycle and onto life experiences. We discuss the dangers of narrative journalism based on my review of The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker, which I joke puts me in a “bad Peter” position to Larry’s efforts on Exodus 90. “For 90 days you abstain from television, you abstain from movies, you abstain from sports on TV,” Larry explains. “You abstain from using your computer or your mobile device for anything other than work. And you got, that’s the toughest thing as you can imagine.” One form of abstinence makes me declare, “I’m out,” so be sure to watch to find that out.

Enjoy the show and join the conversation in the comments!

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