Clarence Thomas is weirdly obsessed with grievance, says ... Hillary Clinton?

So says the woman who ran for the presidency on the message that the United States owed her the office. Let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton ended up eating the cost for that “glass ceiling” confetti that she bought to celebrate her win in the 2016 election as a recognition of the grievance gender politics on which she ran. And after that, Clinton spent the last six years arguing that Donald Trump stole it from her.

On the plus side, if anyone’s an expert on “resentment, grievance, anger,” it’s Hillary Clinton:

“Women will die!” Well, women die at abortion clinics too, especially when the politics of abortion and the specter of Roe hovered over enforcement of regulations that required basic standards of care. Kermit Gosnell ran a charnel house in the middle of Philadelphia for decades and only got held accountable for killing two women (as well as babies delivered alive) because he was also dealing drugs. The Philadelphia DA reached the same conclusion that the grand jury did — abortion politics protected Gosnell for far too long from the inspections that should have taken place, and that would have exposed his disgusting operation. Efforts to impose standards of licensure on abortion clinics to prevent such outcomes that equal those of other outpatient surgical centers got routinely opposed by Clinton and her allies, and then shot down in court because of Roe and Casey. Now that those precedents have been vacated, legislatures can protect the health of women by ensuring that such abortions take place under medically safe conditions, and that inspections can take place to enforce those laws, where abortions get performed at all.

And let’s not forget all of the girls that die in abortion clinics, as well as boys. Every abortion results in at least one human death, after all, and occasionally two.

Here’s another question: why is Clinton so obsessed with Thomas on the overturning of Roe? That opinion was written by Justice Samuel Alito, not Thomas. It sounds a little like Clinton has some sort of grudge against Thomas, perhaps even, oh … resentment? A grievance or two?

Anyway, Clinton’s normal anger and resentment (on display here, of course) contrasts pretty sharply against Clarence Thomas’ normal joviality and collegiality. I have experienced the latter personally on the one occasion where I got an opportunity to spend time with Justice Thomas, and Ryan Anderson confirms that contrast:

If Hillary Clinton didn’t get along with Clarence Thomas in law school, want to guess whose problem that likely was?

It’s also rather curious why we’re seeing Clinton as one of the lead Democrats hitting the media on this issue. What does that tell us? Jazz was likely half-joking about this, but …

Joe Biden, beware.