Unreal: WaPo reporter claimed "severe PTSD" from Internet criticism -- and then doxxed an anonymous Twitter user; UPDATE: LibsofTikTok responds

Unreal: WaPo reporter claimed "severe PTSD" from Internet criticism -- and then doxxed an anonymous Twitter user

Remember this MSNBC segment on online harassment? MSNBC aired it less than two weeks ago. Washington Post tech reporter Taylor Lorenz claimed to have “severe PTSD” over online bullying and doxxing, which she claimed was aimed at her primarily because of her gender. Lorenz’ critics instead pointed to her long track record of targeting people for doxxing and generating cancel campaigns based on her biases and occasionally dishonest reporting:


“You feel like any little piece of information that gets out on you will be used by the worst people on the Internet to destroy your life,” Lorenz said while choking back tears, “and it’s so isolating.”

So what’s Lorenz doing about it? She’s, um, about to doxx a Twitter user who has become popular for simply reposting Tik Tok videos of progressives. And the woman behind the popular Libs of TikTok twitter account — who keeps getting banned by Twitter simply for posting the public content of others — says Lorenz is coming after her family members, too.

Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Ron DeSantis, blew the whistle on this last night:


The woman behind Libs of TikTok retweeted a number of outraged tweets over this situation, but also squeezed this one in as well:

Nonetheless, the Washington Post ran the story this morning, complete with the woman’s name and a link to the listing of her professional real-estate license, complete with her address. Why? I’ll quote from Lorenz’ own justification for it, but you can find this without a link from me:

Libs of TikTok reposts a steady stream of TikTok videos and social media posts, primarily from LGBTQ+ people, often including incendiary framing designed to generate outrage. Videos shared from the account quickly find their way to the most influential names in right-wing media. The account has emerged as a powerful force on the Internet, shaping right-wing media, impacting anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and influencing millions by posting viral videos aimed at inciting outrage among the right.

Yeah, sure. Libs of TikTok has about ten times as many users as I do, but it’s still hardly one of the top accounts on the platform. The content on the account is almost entirely reposting of insane TikTok videos without comment or just a few snarky words. Whatever “impact” results from the feed comes from the insanity demonstrated by the TikTok users. The reason Lorenz doxxed the user is the same reason why Twitter keeps locking the account only to unlock it later — because of a left-wing effort to shut the account down, led by the manipulative progressive attack dogs at Media Matters:


“Libs of TikTok is basically acting as a wire service for the broader right-wing media ecosystem,” said Ari Drennen, LGBTQ program director for Media Matters, the progressive media watchdog group. “It’s been shaping public policy in a real way, and affecting teachers’ ability to feel safe in their classrooms.”

They can’t get Twitter to keep Libs of TikTok locked out, because the user doesn’t violate their terms of service. Instead, they’re trying to intimidate her off the platform. And for some reason, the Washington Post has decided to join this crusade by publishing this doxxing effort by Taylor Lorenz, who just was featured less than a fortnight ago sobbing over how these attacks target women. This is utterly despicable, and it is an organizational failure that descends from the very top of the Washington Post’s hierarchy.

The Washington Post needs to explain in great detail how they agreed to doxx Libs of TikTok, and why they employ a reporter with Lorenz’ history of reportorial and intellectual dishonesty. And if they want to defend this article, then the Post should give us the names and addresses of all the editors at the site who also have been “shaping public policy in a real way” for a lot longer than Libs of TikTok.


Update: Welcome, Drudge Report and Bongino Report readers!

Update: After posting her thanks for support from the Twitter community, LibsofTikTok began responding to the doxxing efforts of Lorenz and the Post:

Still no word from the editors of the Washington Post defending this attack.

Update: WaPo editors may not be responding publicly, but they’re not unaware of the criticism:

By the way, perhaps this is one way to serve sauce for the gander. Lorenz has several tweets using the real name for Libs of TikTok. Given that doxxing is officially against Twitter policy, shouldn’t Lorenz get reported in the way that LoTT’s critics use that function against her?


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