Irony: Mother reads aloud from school-board-approved book, and guess what happens next

Irony: Mother reads aloud from school-board-approved book, and guess what happens next

A fun leftover from last week that sums up the reasons why parents have begun revolting against the education establishment. One mother objected to the material given to children and went to the Cherokee County school board to register her displeasure. Rather than describe the material, the woman chose to read an excerpt from it — and got shut down because children might have been accessing the meeting on Internet streams.

“Don’t you find the irony in that?” the young woman asked. They did not, but it’s patently obvious to the sentient (via Stacy Lennox):

That passage sounds like the kind of books that we used to sneak into school and have confiscated after we read them aloud at recess. We got some odd material assigned to us in school, but never anything that graphically depicted a sex scene that Jacqueline Susann might have spit out on occasion such as this excerpt. Stacy followed up with the protesting parent, who explained that it could have been worse:

The process allows a student body member, which the procedure aims to protect, to object to removing a book that includes explicit content. Apparently, the policymakers in Cherokee County never read Lord of the Flies. Or that the holes in the policy, which are akin to leaving a toddler in charge of the cookie jar, are intentionally meant to ensure questionable content remains in the school. To think that a child will help remove a book with content adults object to in an environment rife with peer pressure and curiosity is rank insanity.

Then the parent reads an explicit passage from the book, at which point a board member, Patsy Jordan, cuts her off. The member lectured her that children could be watching the meeting, and the selection was inappropriate under those circumstances. Incredulous, the mom shot back, “Don’t you find the irony in that? You’re saying exactly what I’m telling you. You’re giving it to our children.” It seems the concept of irony is lost on the current Cherokee County School Board.

When I spoke to the parent, she indicated that the excerpt she read was one of the least-shocking she could have selected. She has observed parents bringing explicit content to the attention of school board members since approximately November 2021. When she followed up with those parents in January 2022, the mom found out that students still had access to the books the parents had highlighted. A group of concerned parents then began reviewing an extensive list of books. The mom who spoke reports that they have been utterly disgusted by what they found.

If it’s too obscene for a public school-board meeting because of “the children,” then why does the school board allow it in the school library? The parents of Cherokee County deserve a real answer to that — and if they don’t get one, they should elect school board members who understand accountability and common sense.

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