VIP Gold chat: Filiblusters, Biden lackluster, inflation flusters, democracy busters, and our muster! - Replay Available

Don’t miss today’s tremendous live, interactive VIP Gold chat at 1:30 pm ET with HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and Jazz Shaw! We’ll take VIP Gold members’ questions and comments and give an in-depth analysis of the top topics of the day.

Cam may be out, but we’ll still talk through #2A issues and developments. We’ll also talk a bit about the launch of my new podcast show.

We’ll have plenty to discuss and lots of time to take your questions. The hot topics may include:

  • The latest from the Senate Dem meltdown over the filibuster
  • Inflation developments
  • Are democracies on the decline?
  • Will 5G and aviation get along?
  • Bonus pouncing, seizing, and maybe even milking if we have time!

With all the fast-moving developments, our VIP Gold members can get the latest as it happens from Cam and Ed.

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