Want to be on the front lines of breaking news? Here's how

Want to be on the front lines of breaking news? Here's how

Have you noticed that our mothership Townhall has managed to put boots on the ground on major stories over the past year?  Our colleague Julio Rosas has traveled into riot zones in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Kenosha. He’s gone to the southern border and caught groups of migrants crossing over illegally into the US — on camera. Julio’s in Kenosha again to cover the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, in fact, providing first-person reporting:

And that has allowed us — and our readers — to get around the narrative journalism produced by biased national outlets on this case:

So how do we get Julio and other first-person reporters on scene to demolish the biased mainstream-media coverage? We don’t — you do. The resources for this kind of effort come from our VIP and VIP Gold members, which we put into fun interactive experiences like our Live Chats but mostly into getting our own boots on the ground for important news stories.

Now it’s even easier to be part of our efforts. Membership at HotAir and our other Townhall Media Group sites comes in three levels. The basic membership level strips out the advertising for the site you join. A VIP membership unlocks paywall content for that site. And VIP Gold membership not only does both, it also does so across all Townhall Media Group sites.

This week only, we are offering our biggest discount on VIP subscriptions ever. You can use promo code 2022 at checkout to receive 40% off of your subscription. That’s a steal, considering the value added not just on our sites in paywall content but even more for the conservative first-person reporting it allows us to do.

I’d like to thank all of our readers, regardless of membership status, for their loyalty and support. We are all committed to continuing to produce free content in the future, so we’re not going away. But we really appreciate all of you that have already signed up for these programs to ensure that we can continue to bring you the sort of conservative content and the antidote to progressive-biased narrative journalism you expect from Townhall Media Group.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023