Too dumb to check: Biden to improve standing with voters by hiring ...

Too dumb to check: Biden to improve standing with voters by hiring ...
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… the man who just alienated so many that a state that Joe Biden won by ten points flipped to the GOP? Punchbowl News reports this morning that the White House will look for room to hire Terry McAuliffe, apparently intending to plumb the full depth of voter disgust:

The Biden administration is interested in finding a spot somewhere for Terry McAuliffe according to multiple high-level sources familiar with the White House’s thinking. All Cabinet spots are full, for now. And McAuliffe isn’t asking for a job; this seems to be the administration trying to find a place where McAuliffe can serve.

McAuliffe, a former governor who just lost a chance for a second term last week, has been in Democratic Party politics for dozens of years, so he has lots of friends in the Biden administration. This would be quite a good landing spot after losing the gubernatorial race. Talks have not yet started at all, but the administration is keen on finding a place for him, multiple sources tell us.

So Biden’s going out of his way to hire the one Democrat to lose an election Republican for statewide office in over a decade, eh? That’s an odd decision in itself, but it’s the manner in which he lost it that should have the White House imposing a ten-foot-pole policy for The Macker, as Punchbowl calls him. McAuliffe infuriated parents across the state — and even in Democratic bastions like Fairfax and Loudoun counties — with his insistence that parents should stay out of curricula decisions for their children. If nothing else, the fact that McAuliffe invited Randi Weingarten to give the final pitch in the campaign should disqualify McAuliffe for any serious political position.

Instead, Biden wants to go out of his way to embrace that sneering incompetence. The White House couldn’t pick a better way to explore just how low Biden’s approval ratings could get. Will McAuliffe take charge of the political operations in the administration? Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy couldn’t be that lucky, could they?

One has to wonder whether Biden’s Democratic colleagues in Congress will be as enthusiastic about wrapping their arms around McAuliffe going into the midterms. Read carefully what Rep. Gerry Connolly had to say last week to Punchbowl, for instance:

McAuliffe ran his campaign in large part on the Biden agenda. The former governor’s allies on Capitol Hill — namely Virginia’s Democratic Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine — said that Congress’s unwillingness to pass the infrastructure bill harmed McAuliffe. The House cleared the bill shortly after McAuliffe lost. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), who represents vote rich and Democratic heavy Northern Virginia, told us in an interview last week that “Democrats right now should be going to DEFCON-2 after the results in Virginia and New Jersey, but I’m gonna focus on the one I know, Virginia. You have some explaining to do that one year after Biden carries the state, how a 10 point margin evaporated. 12 point swing in 12 months. You gotta explain that.”

“You” in this instance likely refers first to the progressives that torpedoed the bipartisan infrastructure bill. But it should refer to McAuliffe and his shocking incompetence in losing an election he could have won. And perhaps it applied to Biden as well, whose ridiculous aspirations to becoming the next FDR to the LBJ power in an evenly split Congress set the stage for the failure in Washington. Finally, Connolly and his colleagues had better start explaining how they plan to win their own elections with the sneering McAuliffe signing up for White House duty … and without parents in their voting blocs. Good luck on that one.

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