VIP Gold chat: It's five o'clock somewhere with Kruiser & Co

What’s better than one VIP Gold chat this week? Two VIP Gold chats! Today I’ll enter the Kruiser Kabana (sorta) at PJ Media for their VIP Gold chat “Five O’Clock Somewhere.”

Jump in as soon as you see this, because Kruiser and VodkaPundit will open the live stream at 3:30 pm ET, while I’m on TEMS. You may need to start over at the PJM link, although we’ll eventually update this post to include the podcast here.

All I know about this is that the members carry on a lively conversation of their own in the chat, and that I’ve been promised “the patented Chair of Uncomfortable Ecstasy.” (That sounds like something that would have required a saving throw in my old D&D days, quite frankly, about which the less said the better.)

Besides, if you don’t get there up front, you’ll miss the Deluxe Special Extra Surprise Guest that’ll be on the first part of their show. Then bounce back to TEMS with Duane, myself, and Dr. Jeff Myers, and bounce back again with me to the VIP Gold chat at the end.

And bring your tasty drink — whatever it is!