WaPo media reporter: Why aren't Fox's Cuomo critics outraged by Fox's Doocy-on-Doocy interviews?

WaPo media reporter: Why aren't Fox's Cuomo critics outraged by Fox's Doocy-on-Doocy interviews?

I for one call for an immediate investigation into Governor Peter Doocy, as well as his immediate resignation. This attempt by Washington Post media reporter Jeremy Barr to cast critics of the Cuomo Brothers Show as hypocrites was not only ill-advised, it’s a complete non-sequitur.

Shouldn’t a media reporter be able to figure out the difference between these two situations — especially one who works for a national platform like the Washington Post?

Is there an ethical question in having family-related reporters discuss a story on the air? Maaaayyyybee, but if so, it’s so low-level as to be esoteric at best. Given that both Peter and Steve use the same last name and that the relationship is already widely known, one has to wonder why anyone would bother objecting to this exchange. Besides, Doocy fils works as Fox’s White House correspondent, and it’s routine for such reporters to provide updates, especially on morning shows. Perhaps Doocy père could go offscreen for such appearances, but what journalistic principle would that serve?

To state the obvious: neither Doocy is an elected official, let alone one that directed public assets to privately benefit the other. There is no conflict of interest, hidden or otherwise. Even apart from the obvious conflict of interest evident in Chris’ cheerleading for Andrew on CNN’s prime-time air, there’s also a question of payola regarding health-care assistance Andrew provided Chris without the latter disclosing it publicly. That alone should have gotten Chris fired from CNN, let alone Chris’ undisclosed participation in Andrew’s scandal-minimizing PR efforts.

To quote the children’s song — one of these things is not like the other. One has to wonder why the Washington Post’s media-beat reporter wants to pretend that they are. It doesn’t instill confidence in their ability to report fairly and judiciously on media issues, that’s for sure.

UpdateHoly crap. Mediaite columnist Colby Hall called out Barr on this dumb comparison, and Barr responded by, um ….

Someone is awfully sensitive for a position as a media reporter. Not to mention that Barr avoids addressing the criticism …

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