Really, really too dumb to check: Strange new progressive respect for ... Sidney Powell

Really, really too dumb to check: Strange new progressive respect for ... Sidney Powell

If you missed this over the weekend, our friends at Twitchy have you covered. After almost a full year of (rightly) laughing at Sidney Powell’s wild and unfounded conspiracy theories over the election, progressives have suddenly found a strange new respect for the author of the Kraken lawsuits. And that’s because Powell sorta-kinda hinted that she thought Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito might have had some sympathy for her 12th Amendment lawsuit to stop the election process:

The absurdities of this claim are almost impossible to count. In the first place, Nancy Pelosi didn’t “rush” Congress back into session after the riot to beat the clock on a Supreme Court ruling. The initial session to count the Electoral College votes took place as scheduled on January 6, was then interrupted by the riot, and then reconvened as soon as the Capitol was re-secured. Gohmert’s challenge wasn’t even docketed until January 6th, which meant that Alito probably didn’t get much of a chance to review it before Congress came into its scheduled session to complete the 2020 presidential election.

Not only that, but Alito rejected it without comment anyway. He didn’t even bother to issue an explanation for rejecting Gohmert’s absurd lawsuit, which posited that a vice president had plenary authority to deny electors from states which had certified one and only one slate of electors. Nor did any other justice issue a dissent to the dismissal, which these days signifies more than in past decades. The almost-certain correct assumption is that not one justice on the court took Gohmert or Powell seriously, nor should they have.

Finally, nowhere does Powell suggest that Alito was somehow in on this “plot.” All she says it that she expected Alito to recognize her genius when given the opportunity. Instead, the court appears to have distanced itself at light speed from her inanity and her insanity.

Nevertheless, Twitchy collates a number of progressives who suddenly appear to give Powell the benefit of the doubt: Anne Applebaum, S.V. Daté, Molly Jong-Fast (who apparently thought better of it afterward), Nicole Wallace, and more. Why? Because Powell’s implication — not even an explicit statement — allows these progressives to continue shrieking about the Supreme Court to undermine confidence in it. They want Joe Biden to start packing the Supreme Court, and the only way to sell that is to cast it as somehow corrupted. Progressives who should know better are soooooo desperate that they’ll even cling to Sidney Kraken Powell to make their case.

Call it Kraken II: SCOTUS Boogaloo.

Perhaps this absurd embrace of Powell will teach these people some humility when it comes to others who get suckered by lunatics and con artists. It probably won’t, but it should.

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