Biden's border crisis "disgustingly mirrors" America's darkest moments, says ... the NAACP

When a Democrat president has lost the NAACP … Derrick Johnson wants a meeting immediately with Joe Biden, who owes his office in no small measure to the NAACP’s support. Johnson’s angry over the border crisis, especially with how Biden’s team has handled thousands of Haitians — angry enough to suggest that Biden’s actions resemble those of slavers in the region in days gone by.



“The humanitarian crisis happening under this administration on the southern border disgustingly mirrors some of the darkest moments in America’s history,” said NAACP President Derrick Johnson. “If we were to close our eyes and this was occurring under the Trump administration, what would we do? The inhumane treatment of the Haitian refugees is utterly sickening.”

The NAACP tweeted side-by-side images — one a drawing of a White man about to strike an enslaved Black person and the other a photo of a Border Patrol agent grabbing a migrant. “These images although centuries apart still seem to represent the worst of America’s capacity for humanity,” read the tweet, which went on to urge Biden to move to tear “down a foundation of oppressive practices.”

Biden hasn’t just lost the NAACP in his botched response to the border crisis. Leading Democrats want to know what’s going on too, and the media has begun to report on it again after a summer of marginalizing the topic. For instance, in this clip, ABC News highlights the impressive and forceful questioning of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas by Senate Republican Ron Johnson — whose only media attention for months has been related to Donald Trump:


In its written report, ABC also gives a starring role to fellow MAGA Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO):

During a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Mayorkas had to answer to Democrats troubled by the images, while Republican senators demanded tougher enforcement and held up poster-size charts showing soaring numbers of illegal border crossings since Biden took office.

The hearing underlined how Biden has alienated members of both parties by trying to walk a tightrope on immigration, rolling back some of Trump’s hard-line policies while keeping other measures in place, such as the use of Title 42.

“Do you bear responsibility for the crisis in Del Rio? That’s a yes-or-no question,” said Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), angrily interrupting when Mayorkas didn’t give a binary answer.

“Sooner or later, this administration is going to have to take responsibility for the crisis you have fomented at the border that gets worse day upon day,” Hawley said. “Every time we hear from you, it’s somebody else’s fault.”

When was the last time ABC News quoted either Hawley or Johnson without editorial criticism? That does not bode well for Biden either as he attempts to crawl out of yet another debacle created by his own incompetence.

Part of this fury has been driven by misinformation over supposed “whips” used by mounted Border Patrol agents. The pictures that have emerged show agents using reins, not whips, and none of them show the agents striking people. Instead, the agents are using the reins to protect themselves and the horses, a union official explained to Fox News, just as they are trained to do:


He told Fox News on Tuesday that agents “were not whipping anyone” and were “[not] assigned whips,” and referred to the horse reins as a form of protection for the agents, horses and Haitians.

“What they do is a training technique that has been shown to them to make sure that no one takes over their horse,” Mr Del Cueto told the right-wing network.

“It was to protect the horse, to protect the rider, and to protect the individual that was trying to cause chaos and knock down that rider from that horse.”

Mr Del Cueto went on to allege that agents “twirl” the horse reins to ensure “everything was done correctly”, and that concerns about Border Patrol agents in Del Rio were falsified.

Just how much of a danger do Border Patrol agents face from desperate migrants? Ask the bus driver who got hijacked on the way to the airport.

Usually, this kind of misinformation ricochets through the media during Republican administrations and gets picked up and used by their political opposition. The fact that this is happening to Biden and his administration is a measure of just how little political cover Biden now has. Barack Obama got plenty of protection from the media and Democrat-aligned organizations over his “kids in cages” policies, which turned on a dime when Donald Trump took over. When the media and the NAACP don’t give a Democratic president the benefit of the doubt and implies that his policies look like slavery … well, that’s a political crisis unlike anything we’ve seen in a while. And Biden is ill-equipped to reverse it, not least because he’s still not comprehending the breadth of his incompetence and that of his entire administration.


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