Today's hot topics on #TEMS: Breaker breaker, mandate makers, Whitehouse bluff takers, union brakers, and How to Raise a Conservative Daughter!

Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), we have another great lineup for the news of the day! The show will be streamed on Hot Air’s Facebook page and embedded here and on the show page for those who are not on Facebook.

Join us as we welcome:

  • Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson brings us up to date on the week’s top stories and gives us a preview of tomorrow’s Hugh Hewitt show. We’ll talk about the brewing civil war between Democrats and public-employee unions, and within the union coalition itself. And has Infrastructure Week finally arrived?
  • Plus, we’ll continue last night’s conversation on mask mandates and vaccinations. We will also talk about my upcoming guest-hosting gig on The Hugh Hewitt Show!
  • Can you guarantee that your daughter will stay a conservative when she leaves your home? No, your daughter is not safe from Leftist indoctrination. Michelle Easton, author of the new book How to Raise a Conservative Daughter from Regnery (a unit of Salem Media Group, as is Hot Air), tells parents how to prevent brainwashing by the Left. We’ll discuss this and more!

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