Hmmm: Local CBS on-air reporter promises a Project Veritas scoop on "discrimination"

First it was Ivory Hecker hijacking her local Fox affiliate’s airtime to promise to blow the lid off of their editorial biases. Detroit CBS affiliate’s meteorologist April Moss did the same on Sunday, announcing that she would disclose “discrimination” at CBS during her Father’s Day weather report. Moss becomes the second local on-air personality in a week to pledge her story to Project Veritas to their viewers:

A weather reporter at a Detroit CBS affiliate interrupted her live broadcast to drop a bombshell announcement that she was going to be a source for Project Veritas.

Midway through her weather forecast Sunday, Moss stopped talking about the warm temperatures and said: “Speaking of a brand-new week, I will be sitting down this week with Project Veritas to discuss the discrimination that CBS is enforcing on its employees. Tune in to Project Veritas for my full story.” …

It’s unclear whether Moss still works for CBS 62, but the network still lists her as a weather forecaster. According to her profile on CBS 62’s website, Moss joined the station’s weather team in 2012 and is its weekend weather anchor.

Er … not any longer. Moss’ name has been removed from the CBS 62 line-up page as of midday today, with Karen Carter the only listed “first forecaster.” As with Hecker, the consequence of using one’s access to airtime for the purpose of criticizing an employer appears to have generated the easily predictable result of losing access to airtime for good.

Whatever Moss has to disclose, it had better be worth her career, because she’s going to have one hell of a time finding a TV or radio station that will trust her after this stunt. Hecker is no doubt already discovering that after her less-than-groundshaking revelations to PV last week. “Discrimination that CBS is enforcing on its employees” sounds juicy, but how would that apply to a meteorologist? One who’s already on air? Hecker at least could say that her news reports got cut for editorial bias, but what news did CBS refuse to let Moss break as a weather forecaster?

It’s all good news for Project Veritas, who benefited from these choices twice in a week with some unprecedented PR. This could just be a coincidence, but it could also mean that PV is wooing local reporters and on-air figures for more of these leaks about internal deliberations at local news stations. That market will dry up pretty quickly once the career consequences from the first few instances are made crystal-clear to everyone else, so Project Veritas had better make hay while the sun shines.