Cruz to reporter: You can leave if you don't feel safe around my immunized face; UPDATE: What about Psaki?

Cruz to reporter: You can leave if you don't feel safe around my immunized face; UPDATE: What about Psaki?

Consider this a little follow-the-science red meat amidst a sea of Karens. As many immunized politicians in and out of Washington have done in stand-pressers, Ted Cruz came to the microphone yesterday sans mask. That prompted a scolding from one of the reporters, who told Cruz that he’d “feel better” if Cruz wore a mask, despite being well out of camerashot and Cruz’ immunized status.

Voila! A perfect own-the-media moment arrived for Cruz, who’d taken plenty of (well-earned) beatings from reporters over the last month or so:

Here’s a question: Why would it have made the reporter “feel better”? Was he truly worried about his health, or was he just conducting a little theatrical posturing for the cheap seats? It’s tough to disagree with Cabot Phillips’ assessment:

To be fair, some Republicans on Capitol Hill have dragged their heels on getting the vaccine, even though they have had access to it for months. That’s mostly an issue in the House, though, rather than among Senate Republicans. If the reporter was unclear on Cruz’ status, he could have started by asking whether Cruz had been inoculated — and that would have resolved the issue, medically speaking.

Virtue-signaling speaking, of course, it would have resolved nothing. His “feelings” would have required everyone else to submit to them. Cruz, who presented no actual threat to anyone’s health, refused to play the “feelings” game. Good for him, and that comes from someone who wears masks in enclosed public spaces even after receiving the vaccine. That’s my choice; I don’t expect to impose it on others. If you’ve been vaccinated and have gone past the two-week waiting period for immune system response, then that should be good enough. If not, why get the vaccine at all if we’re going to remain at the mercy of the feelings of any rando in whom we might come in passing contact?

Anyway, perhaps the real value in this clip would be to inspire reluctant conservatives to get off their duffs and get inoculated. Want to own the Karens?? Get your shot(s) and walk around without a mask! We should circulate this far and wide to emphasize that your turn could be next if you just roll up your sleeves and do your patriotic duty in this pandemic. If the real benefits of vaccination don’t sell the reluctant on the idea, perhaps this will.

Especially in Cruz’ Texas, about which Allahpundit might have more later:

Update: Here’s a point that’s also worth considering when it comes to virtue-signaling:

The White House briefing room is a smaller area than where this took place. If the reporters aren’t scolding Psaki there, then why is this a problem?

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