Manchin's right and the border crisis is Biden's "permissive" messaging failure, says ...

If you’ve lost MSNBC … It’s far from clear that Joe Biden actually has lost MSNBC, but he’s lost Joe Scarborough for the moment on the border crisis. After CNN reported that Senate Democrat Joe Manchin called this a crisis and a messaging failure, Scarborough agreed on air — and pinned the failure on Biden’s “permissive” messaging:

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough faulted the Biden administration at then end of his “Morning Joe” program on Tuesday for a “permissive” border message that was leading to a surge of immigrants.

Scarborough said he agreed with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) that the situation at the border was a crisis.

“I’ve got to say Joe Manchin is right about the permissive message that has been sent,” Scarborough said Tuesday morning. “This is a crisis and they need to alter that message. If you look back at what happened to Jimmy Carter in 1980, it’s important that they fix that message.”

Has Biden lost MSNBC? Doubtful; one indication of that is that the cable channel has not put this up on its YouTube page as of this writing. Nor have they tweeted out the clip on the show account or its own, even while clipping a few other stories from Morning Joe today.

Here’s another indication that the cable channel intends to keep blaming Republicans rather than Biden’s permissive messaging:

Advocating literally nothing? Republicans have advocated sticking with the Trump administration’s border and asylum policies. Democrats advocated for liberalizing asylum policies and ending the agreement with Mexico to keep applicants on their side of the border. Democrats now control the enforcement policies, and their choices have produced an entirely predictable result, even if it arrived even sooner than their critics predicted.

John may have more on this later, but it’s useful to see just how far out of the progressive mainstream accountability for Biden actually is.