Antifa? Armed activists seize hotel in Olympia, declare it homeless sanctuary

Did this stunt get conducted by Antifa, a local homeless-advocacy group, or both? It’s only certain that it resulted in a spectacular backfire. No matter who gets credit or blame for this attempt to seize property for the proletariat, the result was 33 people getting kicked to the curb and at least a dozen arrests.


But hey, at least they did something. I’m sure the homeless people who lost their rooms at the Red Lion in Olympia, Washington are duly impressed:

Police in Olympia arrested at least a dozen people after they occupied the Red Lion hotel in the 600 block of Capitol Way South near the state Capitol grounds Sunday.

Police received multiple 911 calls from employees at the Red Lion around 11 a.m. Sunday saying numerous individuals were entering their lobby armed with batons, knives and axes. One employee was assaulted as they tried to close the doors and the rest fled to the basement, according to an Olympia police spokesperson.

The group has since been identified as Oly Housing Now, a homeless activist group, according to a city press release. The group had reserved 17 rooms before the occupation, which were being used by unhoused individuals, city officials said.

When police arrived, there were about 45 members of the group inside and outside of the hotel. The group had occupied the 4th and 5th floors and were placing black tarps on the windows, according to police.

It took seven hours to clear the occupiers from the hotel, after police got warrants to enter and conduct searches. It’s not quite certain why they would have needed a warrant, since the hotel itself called police to deal with the situation. Perhaps local law enforcement wanted to make sure they left no avenue for complaint. In the aftermath of ejecting the activists, the hotel also kicked out the 33 homeless people that they have previously agreed to house in 17 rooms through an arrangement with Oly Housing Now.


That leads to the question of who pulled this stunt in the first place. Andy Ngo says it was definitely Antifa, via Katie Pavlich:

If nothing else, Ngo reports, Antifa showed up for the after-party:

That’s a bit too much of a coincidence, no?

At any rate, at least now we see what the “epicenter of revolutionary politics” can do for the homeless. It can get them kicked out into the street, all so a few people can add an arrest to their radical resumés. Great job, everyone!

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