Senate Dem: Here's how unity is a lot like pornography, or something

Hey, if anyone has the credibility to make this comparison, it’s the guy who took his mom to an X-rated movie. But how does unity relate to pornography? Is the correct answer:

  • A: It’s overrated
  • B: It’s a vehicle for exploitation
  • C: It never really pays off
  • D: It’s in the eye of the beholder

Bzzzzt! You’re all wrong. The answer is E: All of the above. That’s not quite what freshman Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) had in mind with his bon mot to the Washington Post, which spends a lot of time trying to extricate Joe Biden from his “unity and healing” pledge by playing semantics with it. After all, starting off an administration with a commission to justify packing the Supreme Court isn’t exactly a unifying gesture.

Hickenlooper gives the moral-relativism effort his best and weirdest shot, however:

Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.) echoed the same phrase, which is often associated with the definition of obscenity famously offered by then-Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart.

“I’ll know it when I see it,” Hickenlooper said when asked how to recognize unity. “Isn’t that what they say about pornography?”

Er … suuuuuure. Pornographic is as good of a description for the Biden administration’s approach to the progressive agenda during its calls for “unity and healing” as any, too.  In the first week, they’ve signaled their intent to pack the Supreme Court, curtail domestic energy production, go all-out on abortion funding both domestically and internationally, while lying about the previous administration’s work on COVID-19.


And yet, this is the WaPo’s framing of Biden’s situation:

Biden campaigned on — and came to office promising — the ineffable concept of unity, a feel-good catchall that proffered bipartisan bonhomie, but with few tangible specifics.

Now, Biden and his team are working to implement that amorphous goal, which has already been weaponized by Republicans who disagree with Biden’s policy aims and challenged by some fellow Democrats.

Ahem. Did the issuance of 30-plus EOs perhaps “weaponize” the situation a bit? Packing the court? Biden’s instant focus on hot-button issues rather than, y’know, looking for areas of at least some commonality between the two parties apparently doesn’t count, because Democrats aren’t responsible for unity or healing — that’s only on Republicans.

That’s nothing new, either. As I wrote Saturday, both Biden and the media seem intent on using Barack Obama’s definition of unity or bipartisanship:

Barack Obama liked to declare his proposals bipartisan too, even while locking Republicans out of the drafting process. Obama did that on the $900 billion Porkulus bill at the very start of his presidency, telling Republicans at one point “I won” when they demanded some engagement. That was, by the way, exactly 12 years ago, and over a very similar partisan “crap sandwich,” as Allahpundit put it at the time.

Biden’s claim to bipartisanship is simply a replay of the Obama Tautology: I say I am bipartisan and therefore everything I do is bipartisan. Therefore, any disagreements are due to Republican partisanship, not my own. The national media played along with Obama on that claim for a very long time, even with ObamaCare, one of the most partisan major policy efforts to ever pass Congress. Will they do the same with Biden? So far the answer seems to be yes, but Biden doesn’t have the numbers in Congress that Obama enjoyed … for two years, anyway, when the Obama Tautology imploded in his first midterm. That should be a lesson to Biden and the media, but it probably won’t be.


They haven’t learned it yet, anyway.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on December 02, 2023