Too bad to check: Did Nevada really throw out an election over 153,000 bad ballots?

Too bad to check: Did Nevada really throw out an election over 153,000 bad ballots?

No, but that didn’t stop people who should have known better from claiming so. Donald Trump retweeted a tweet from Nevada’s Team Trump co-chair Adam Laxalt, which rather deceptively described what happened in a Clark County commissioner election. The county called for a do-over, but the 153,000 ballots had nothing to do with it.

Laxalt comment-retweeted one entry in a long thread from Megan Messerly, a reporter with the Nevada Independent. As it turns out, this wasn’t a “big victory,” it had nothing to do with the presidential race, and it involved a subset of 2,243 provisional ballots that got rejected and never counted in the first place.

Furthermore, there were less than a thousand ballots in the county that could not be adjudicated one way or the other. That wouldn’t have been a problem, but 139 of those came from a district where the county commissioner race came down to a ten-vote margin excluding the discrepancies:

Clark County will have to conduct a special election in District C to settle the issue. That’s the election that has been “thrown out,” not because of 153,000 ballots but because of 139 ballots in a ten-vote race.

Messerly reported all of this yesterday afternoon, and Nevada Independent reporter Kristyn Leonard wrote it up almost immediately afterward. She noted that Trump’s tweet misstated the situation:

Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria reported to the commission on Monday that there were 139 ballot discrepancies in District C, and Miller defeated Republican opponent Stavros Anthony by only 10 votes out of 153,162 cast. As a result of the discrepancies, the commission voted not to certify the District C results and instead call Gloria back to its first December meeting to present a plan for a special election. …

President Donald Trump tweeted about the decision Monday afternoon, saying that “large scale voter discrepancy” showed that officials “do not have confidence” in election security. However, Joe Gloria stated at Monday’s meeting that discrepancies occur in every election.

“There’s no election that goes without discrepancies that are identified,” Gloria said. “In particular, this time, with such a large mail ballot number, that number that I’ve identified is in the thousandths of percent.”

The 936 discrepancies make up .096 percent of total ballots cast in Clark County in this year’s election.

Trump lost Clark County (as expected) by 91,470 votes. Needless to say, 936 ballots that were left uncounted due to unresolvable discrepancies won’t impact Trump’s status in Nevada in this election.

It’s very easy to get bad information on social media. The rule should be at this stage to wait for claims made in court rather than on Twitter, as claims in court require attorneys to make them in good faith and with at least some evidentiary support. If you don’t see it in a court motion, it’s almost certainly untrue, and even where claims are made in court, reserve judgment until the evidence is produced. So far, the track record on Trump’s lawsuits hasn’t been terribly impressive.

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