VIP Chat I: Mercedes Schlapp, Kira Davis, Larry O'Connor and Ed Morrissey on Harris pick and more!

Get ready for another tremendous live, interactive VIP Gold chat with the Trump campaign’s Mercedes Schlapp, Townhall’s Larry O’Connor, RedState’s Kira Davis, and HotAir’s Ed Morrissey! Join us at 11 am Wednesday for another great discussion of the hottest news stories online. The trio will break down Joe Biden’s decision, what it means for the Democratic Party and the strategy going forward for the Trump campaign.

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We had plenty to discuss today, and lots of time to take your questions. The hot topics were:

  • Kamala Harris joins Joe Biden as running mate
  • Is the Knights of Columbus really an extremist organization?
  • Chicago riots and BLM protest updates
  • The latest about the Republican convention

With all the fast-moving developments, our VIP Gold members can get the latest as it happens from Larry, Kira, and Ed.