Night 74: Portland declares yet another riot -- despite federal withdrawal

At what point does Portland mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon governor Kate Brown apologize for their mischaracterization of the ongoing riots in the Rose City? Long after DHS agreed to draw down its extra deployment of federal law enforcement, the city has declared riots the last two ights as its own police forces come under attack. Local CBS affiliate KOIN points out called it Night 73, while the Oregonian counted it as Night 74 — long preceding DHS’ manpower boost at the federal courthouse, and showing no sign of abating since:


Commercial grade fireworks and a mortar were used against Portland Police Bureau officers during Sunday night’s protest resulting in multiple injuries and another riot declaration.

Two officers were hit by fireworks thrown by protesters around 10 p.m., prompting PPB to declare another riot. One officer was burned on her neck and her face mask melted. Another officer standing 10 feet away was injured in the leg by a piece of the firework striking his leg.

By the end of the night, at least 16 people were arrested. All were booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center.

The crowd was smaller this time, but the mission appeared to be the same — to assault law enforcement officers and buildings. This time the rioters took aim at a police union building:

The event came a day after protests Saturday night in the same area that were mostly peaceful until a small group of people lit a fire inside the police union building. Saturday’s standoff, which lasted into early morning hours Sunday, prompted police to declare a riot and advance on the crowd using impact munitions and physical force, a pattern that’s unfolded on several recent nights in which a small group provoke police by damaging property and throwing objects at officers.

Sunday set up a potential repeat of the prior night’s hostilities, though with a smaller crowd. About 200 people marched from Kenton Park to the Portland Police Association office on North Lombard Street shortly before 10 p.m.

Minutes after protesters arrived outside the union office, police warned demonstrators via loudspeaker not to participate in criminal activities. The warning also was posted on Twitter.

Demonstrators blocked off blocked access at North Lombard Street and Fenwick Avenue using dumpsters and fences dragged into the street from nearby. At least one dumpster was set on fire.

Shortly before 10 p.m., police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Minutes later, police in riot gear advanced on the crowd, which began to retreat down North Denver Avenue. Video showed officers hit by small thrown objects. At one point, a large firework exploded between the police line and the retreating protesters. Police also fired crowd-control munitions.


The crowds are smaller, but that’s small comfort to the people of Portland, at least those who aren’t shooting rockets at police. The ongoing violence makes it clear that these riots had little to do with extra DHS law enforcement at the courthouse, and everything to do with extremists exploiting anger over George Floyd’s homicide to burn down representative government altogether and to impose mob rule instead.

Which, by the way, was the exact same purpose when extremists attacked the federal courthouse. Wheeler and Brown tried to shift blame for their own failure to keep order onto DHS for reacting to that lack of order. The withdrawal of extra DHS law enforcement has stripped that fig leaf off Wheeler and Brown. So when will they admit being naked?

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