"Consider destroying your enemy": Project Veritas infiltrates Antifa, insanity ensues

Didn’t we already get an exposé of extreme action and militancy from Antifa by Project Veritas this year? Oh no, wait — that was from among Bernie Sanders’ campaign workersAt least they’re keeping busy these days.

This time, Project Veritas really has infiltrated Antifa, or at least one of its cells in Oregon. Their undercover operative managed to get some video and audio of training sessions in which extremists were urged to gouge people’s eyes, assault them and to “consider like destroying your enemy.” The operative has since “retired” from Rose City Antifa, the video notes at the end, but he’s still doing “blacklock” to keep his identity hidden:

  • Nicholas Cifuni, Rose City Antifa: “Practice Things Like an Eye Gouge, it Takes Very Little Pressure to Injure Someone’s Eyes.”
  • Nicholas Cifuni, Rose City Antifa: “Police Are Going to Be Like: ‘Perfect, We Can Prosecute These [Antifa] F**kers, Look How Violent They Are.’ And Not That We [Antifa] Aren’t, But We Need to F**king Hide That Sh*t.”
  • Nicholas Cifuni, Rose City Antifa: “Consider Like, Destroying Your Enemy. Not Like Delivering a Really Awesome Right Hand, Right Eye, Left Eye Blow You Know. It’s Not Boxing, It’s Not Kickboxing, It’s Like Destroying Your Enemy.”
  • Ashes, Rose City Antifa: “The Whole Goal of This, Right, is to Get Out There and do Dangerous Things as Safely as Possible.”

For an organization that’s supposedly not organized, their op-sec is … pretty impressive. The meetings apparently manage to mostly protect identities, so Nicholas Cifuni might have some griping to do after this video release. Or perhaps he might have some talking to do, either to the FBI or to his attorney. Someone in law enforcement is bound to take an interest in this tape, and perhaps in determining the identities of a few others who appear in it. At any rate, it’s clear that the group is organized enough for strategic planning sessions and training, and like PV’s undercover operative says, this suggests some money behind the organizing, too.

Unlike other PV projects, it doesn’t appear that they have more in the can on Antifa. That may not matter long, however, because the Department of Justice has now started to look into their involvement in the unrest sweeping cities this week:

For the past couple of weeks, there have been plenty of people trying to deny any real organization behind Antifa and even their involvement in rioting, despite a long history of violent street action across the country. In the Twin Cities, our leadership tried pinning it on “white supremacists” from outside of the state, only to end up with egg on their faces when the data from arrests started coming to light. Even the SPLC ended up calling shenanigans on that claim. The DoJ’s focus on anarchists and Antifa will likely have a lot more success than attempts to shift the blame away from the extreme-leftist orgs that routinely conduct such operations, only not to this level of success.