VIP Gold chat: Ed Morrissey and Katie Pavlich on COVID-19 relief, pandemic news, and more; Underway now

Join us for what’s sure to be a tremendous live chat with Townhall’s Katie Pavlich and HotAir’s Ed Morrissey on March 25th at 2:00pm ET! The live video will be added to this post shortly before the event. We will move this post up five minutes before the start of the chat, so bookmark this URL to take part in it.

Today’s topics are all about the coronavirus pandemic, the congressional response to it, and other issues relating to governors, cities, and ordinary people. Katie has a unique position as a White House correspondent and Fox News analyst to answer your questions about the official response, and Ed has kept pace with developments abroad and at home at the local level as well.

With all the fast-moving developments, our VIP Gold members can get the latest as it happens from Katie and Ed. We’ll be starting shortly!

If you are not a VIP Gold member and want to watch, you can also join below!