"You're full of s***": Biden's 2nd Amendment voter outreach in Detroit going as well as you'd imagine

"You're full of s***": Biden's 2nd Amendment voter outreach in Detroit going as well as you'd imagine

Say what you want about the inevitable Joe Biden presidential nomination, but at least it will be entertaining. At least, it will be as entertaining as arrogant ignorance ever gets, a combination that Biden has mastered over long decades in the public eye. Biden went stumping for votes in a Detroit auto plant today, a natural venue for campaigning thanks to the Obama administration’s rescue of GM and Chrysler.

Instead, Biden got caught up in a gun-control argument with a worker who accused him of “actively trying to end our Second Amendment right.” Biden offered a pungent reply — “You’re full of shit!” — and then things got really testy:

Biden denies in this clip that he wants to confiscate anyone’s guns. One week ago, though, Biden publicly proclaimed that he would put Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke in charge of his gun policy, a former presidential aspirant who explicitly called for gun confiscations by law enforcement following an assault rifle ban:

Someone’s full of s*** here, and it’s not the voter. Biden at one point mentions “AR-14s” as an example of firearms Americans don’t need, which is good because they don’t exist. Later in the conversation, after the voter (correctly) points out that long-barrel firearms are barely a statistical blip in homicides, Biden gets enraged, yelling “DO YOU NEED A HUNDRED BULLETS?” twice at the man. Presumably this is his argument on magazine capacity rather than taking an order for stocking up for target practice, but if so, Biden’s unable to spit it out before stomping off angrily.

On the plus side, this is about as animated as Biden ever gets these days. It is, unfortunately, also as coherent as Biden gets these days.

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