Join the fight -- and join the team!

Last weekend, I visited the AM 560’s Freedom Summit in Chicago. I met with lots of impassioned and conscientious conservatives who attended to hear speakers like Sean Hannity and Lara Logan speak about the need to demand truth in media, no matter where the chips may fall. Several of them posed the question to me and to others – how do we get involved in supporting conservative media?

I have the answer.  Today we launch our HotAir VIP program, which will finally let our readers join and support the work that HotAir does. Working together, we can prevent the opponents of conservative thought from leveraging boycotts and harassment campaigns used to censor the news, analysis, insight, and just plain fun we love to deliver at Hot Air.

This ain’t no tip jar – we believe in delivering benefits for such support. For those of you that just want to get rid of ads while supporting our journalism, grab the ad-free package which keeps the lights on around here without the annoying ads. The HotAir VIP level means you believe that HotAir needs to keep growing and keep speaking the truth.   You’ll get access to all the new reporting and exclusive analysis we have planned.  Actually, you’ll be making it possible.

Finally, for those of you who are serious conservative supporters, VIP Gold includes everything above and provides extra protection against big tech and boycott threats AND makes you a member of all of our sites; Townhall, Twitchy, RedState, BearingArms, and PJ Media as well.   In the next few days, we’ll also be announcing a schedule where we at HotAir as well as our colleagues on the other Townhall Media sites will be doing video calls with only our select members who join VIP Gold.

For those who can’t join immediately, I hope you’ll think about it.  When you can join us in the fight, we stand ready to welcome you!