Hot Air exclusive: Michelle Malkin's 10-Step Action Plan from Open Borders, Inc: Who's Funding America's Destruction?

We are honored to get an exclusive look at Open Borders, Inc: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction? The new book from Michelle Malkin, Hot Air’s Boss Emeritus, hit bookstores today in hardcover, e-book, audiobook, and other formats and is sure to fly off the shelves. We have been given permission to publish Michelle’s 10-Step Action Plan as an entrée to the rest of the book.


The 10-Step Action Plan

When you follow the money, you find the truth. The truth is we face overwhelming odds in the fight to reclaim our borders and our country. But we cannot despair. We must act by first using the power of our own purses to ensure that we are not subsidizing our own worst enemies. Defending the sovereignty of our collective home begins in our individual homes. For starters:

Not one more cent for churches, nonprofits, and international non- governmental organizations that conspire to aid and abet illegal immigration and indiscriminate refugee resettlement in our backyards.

Because of everything I have uncovered about the Vatican, its border-bashing bishops, and sprawling open-borders network, I can no longer trust that donations I make to the Catholic Church will be used in a lawful manner that protects our freedom and posterity…. If you want to save your children, boycott Save the Children. Cut off Catholic Charities. Give instead to patriotic nonprofit legal foundations, activists, and independent journalists who uphold our Constitution, laws, and borders.

Not one more dime to Hollywood celebrities, producers, and studios that encourage violence against Border Patrol and ICE agents and contempt for our country.

Of all the reasons to boycott the entertainment industry, Tinseltown’s treacherous assault on immigration enforcement looms as the largest threat to our safety and security. How can we sit in movie theaters, lining the pockets of celebrities who live behind high walls, while our fellow Americans on the border remain under siege—and hypocritical Hollywood stars incite hatred of our Border Patrol and ICE officials?


No more campaign contributions to politicians in either party who support deportation protection and deferral; work permits, driver’s licenses, and tuition discounts for illegal aliens; immigration enforcement obstruction, or amnesty in any shape or form.

Grassroots conservatives, independents, and patriots of any political ideology must send a message to the cheap vote/cheap labor lobby in Washington: American lives matter and American jobs matter. If Beltway swamp creatures won’t put their votes where their mouths are, stop putting your money in their grubby, duplicitous hands.

Two words: Stop Soros.

If Hungary can put an end to the Soros open-borders racketeers, why can’t America?…Taxpayers must demand full and vigorous prosecution of Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a) felony offenses involving alien smuggling and harboring, encouraging, inducing, conspiring, or aiding and abetting illegal immigration….

Putting America First means a judiciary and legal profession that serves American interests, not the rest of the world.

Demand that Congress impeach open-borders judges who sneak illegal aliens out of their courtrooms, protect them from ICE arrests, and impede the president’s plenary powers over immigration enforcement. Vote out district attorneys who side with the illegal alien bar association over Americans. Stop supporting law schools cranking out sovereignty saboteurs.

Putting America First means resisting coercive and secretive refugee resettlement without full transparency, reimbursement, and consent.

Federal law requires government-funded resettlement agencies to consult with local communities affected by refugee relocation. Informed and engaged citizens must form what Refugee Resettlement Watch founder Ann Corcoran called “pockets of resistance” to ensure that their neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, and streets are protected.


Putting America First means a financial sector that puts American interests and American customers ahead of immigration outlaws. Petition the Trump White House to follow through on its threat to tax remittances.

Billions of dollars, which create one of the most powerful economic magnets pulling foreign workers to migrate here legally or illegally, are at stake. Pressure the feds to prosecute banks that conspire to aid and abet illegal aliens….Don’t do business with businesses that bank on illegals and discriminate against Americans.

Putting America First means defeating the Abolish ICE/Antifa/anarchist movement online, on the ground, and in the courts.

The A-Team of Open Borders Inc. constitutes a domestic terrorist threat. If you can’t put your own body on the front lines against the sowers of chaos, support those who will. Hold Silicon Valley social media giants accountable for amplifying violence-promoting leftists: Expose them. Protest them. Sue them. Replace them. Keep them away from children.

Putting America First means purging American classrooms of SPLC-manufactured propaganda.

The SPLC’s “Teaching Tolerance” curriculum undermines the rule of law, our civil order, and common culture. It is anti-assimilationist propaganda that has no place in governmentfunded schools.

Putting America First means countering radical community organizers with an independent army of nation organizers.

Where is a nationalist movement of candidates, independent of both parties and their corporate donors, deeply and singularly focused on our country’s self-determination and preservation? It’s time for grassroots activists to start raising money and laying the foundation needed to build a new party, not just a new wall. Knowledge is power. Money is power. Use them.


If citizens sit back and wait for others to do the work that American politicians, CEOs, and other purported leaders won’t do, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the demise of our country and the destruction of our children’s future.


Michelle Malkin is the author of Open Borders, Inc. She is a wife, mother, American conservative blogger and syndicated columnist, political commentator, and #1 New York Times bestselling author.

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