CBS: We've confirmed Epstein's main facilitator "G-Max" was holed up in New England

By late yesterday, the Daily Mail’s scoop on the whereabouts of Ghislaine Maxwell began looking a bit shaky. This morning, however, CBS News claims to have confirmed that Jeffrey Epstein’s “main facilitator” has hidden herself in a Massachusetts mansion — at least until very recently. They sent a crew to the enclave of Manchester-by-the-Sea, where residents recognize Maxwell as the person haunting a mansion of late:


CBS News has confirmed with a nearby property manager that British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was recently living at a secluded mansion in the small New England beach town Manchester-by-the-Sea and going by the names “G” or “G Max.” Maxwell is accused of overseeing Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring and has kept a low profile since his death. …

The nearby property manager we spoke to says Borgerson and Maxwell were a couple, and they saw them running together every morning. Maxwell has not been charged with a crime and previously denied the allegations against her.

As my favorite true-life TV detective often says … well, my my my. That will make it easy for prosecutors to find “G-Max,” I suppose, if she’s still there. That seems pretty doubtful, especially after the events of the last few days. Bloomberg’s also skeptical about the present status of Maxwell, reporting today that her “trail has gone cold”:

The question gained new urgency on Wednesday as television news trucks descended on picturesque Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, in search of Maxwell, whose long entanglement with Jeffrey Epstein has made her a figure of international intrigue.

The media scrum was prompted by a report in Britain’s Daily Mail that said Maxwell — whom employees at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion referred to as the “lady of the house” — was hiding out in an oceanfront mansion here.

But there were no signs of Maxwell at the grand home perched above the Atlantic, if indeed she ever was here. Beyond the long, tree-lined drive, the white colonial, known as Tidewood, appeared to be empty. From the great room overlooking the water to the seven bedrooms, the place was dark. The Mail, citing anonymous sources, said Maxwell had rarely ventured out. The owner of the house, tech entrepreneur Scott Borgerson, yesterday denied that Maxwell is hiding out in his property, adding that he’d asked local police to check the residence.


One explanation seems obvious. Ghislaine Maxwell might have lived in Manchester-by-the-Sea for a while after the sale of her Manhattan mansion in 2016. When Epstein got arrested a few weeks ago, however, Maxwell might have decided to make herself scarce. As CBS’ Rikki Klieman says, it’s very obvious that Maxwell herself would be a target for prosecutors at some point after their renewed interest in Epstein’s activities overcame whatever reservations they had about abrogating the 2007 non-prosecution agreement. And since Maxwell herself is technically not a signatory to that agreement and had never been charged, the issues of double jeopardy never applied to her anyway. She didn’t need William Barr’s warning after Epstein’s suicide to know she had a prosecutorial bullseye painted on her back.

G-Max isn’t the only high-profile Epstein associate changing addresses, either, at least for the time being:

Prince Andrew is said to be ‘panicked’ amid renewed scrutiny over his friendship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and has been swept to Spain by his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson so she can ‘look after him’, it was revealed today.

The divorced couple, who are rumoured to have rekindled their relationship, were seen getting off a private jet at Malaga Airport yesterday following Epstein’s suicide in New York last week.

The Duke and Duchess were driven by limousine to the luxury Sotogrande resort, where they have holidayed together since 2009 often in their favourite private villa valued at upwards of £38million.


There is zero chance that US prosecutors would attempt to extradite a member of the British royal family even as a material witness, let alone as a target for prosecution. However, Prince Andrew may be very concerned that Epstein’s rumored trove of compromising materials might be about to surface, and that would spell disaster for the status of the royal family at home.

If Maxwell has taken off, she won’t go to Spain. Prosecutors would have no trouble extraditing her from Spain or really most of the rest of the world. G-Max’s trail almost certainly will lead to a non-extradition country and suitcases filled with financial instruments beyond the reach of plaintiff’s attorneys. She’s not going to make the same mistake of hubris that Epstein made.

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