"Complete chaos": Wokeback Mountain War shifts to House Dems' main campaign arm

In other news, a global popcorn shortage threatens the watch-party economy. Film at 11:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is in full-blown turmoil.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairwoman Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) was set to make an unplanned trip to Washington from her district Monday amid an outcry from top black and Latino lawmakers over a lack of diversity in the campaign arm’s senior management ranks.


Politico first reported this angry divide over the DCCC’s “diversity” among House Democrats last week. Black and Latino members of the caucus accuse leadership of locking them out of leadership positions on their key campaign fundraising arm. It took a public turn yesterday as two House Democrats demanded that Bustos fire her top aide and replace her with someone of color. And then, they accused the Congressional Hispanic Caucus of cowardice for not speaking up along with them:

In the most dramatic move so far, Texas Reps. Vicente Gonzalez and Filemon Vela told POLITICO Sunday that Bustos should fire her top aide, DCCC executive director Allison Jaslow.

“The DCCC is now in complete chaos,” the pair said in a statement to POLITICO. “The single most immediate action that Cheri Bustos can take to restore confidence in the organization and to promote diversity is to appoint a qualified person of color, of which there are many, as executive director at once. We find the silence of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on this issue to be deafening.”

Complete chaos, eh? Has the DCCC collapsed because of a critical lack of “diversity”? Not exactly. In a fundraising cycle marked by Tom Perez’ ineptitude at the DNC, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was until now a singular bright spot for Democrats. Just last week, the Washington Post highlighted the DCCC’s success in outpacing Republicans in preparation to defend their majority:


Key House campaigns reported massive fundraising hauls for this early stage of the campaign cycle, according to federal disclosures filed this past week by congressional campaigns, with all Democratic freshmen but one outraising their declared Republican challengers and several GOP incumbents lapped by Democratic opponents.

All told, Democratic House candidates raised $17.6 million more than Republicans between April and June, according to a Washington Post analysis of quarterly fundraising reports. That gap could close as more GOP challengers announce their campaigns, but it represents a significant head start for Democrats. …

Historically, Republicans have offset their deficit in direct campaign fundraising with heavy spending from their party committees and super PACs that can accept unlimited donations from individuals and corporations. But so far this year, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has maintained an advantage, reporting more than $61 million in receipts.

The NRCC, according to a filing Saturday, raised $44.5 million.

In other words, by performance metrics, the DCCC isn’t in chaos or on the verge of collapse. Bustos and her team is doing a very good job in their ability to outraise Republicans in 2020’s House races, which should please House Democrats looking to protect themselves in a presidential cycle with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket. They need the kind of success Bustos is generating, because Tom Perez is still sucking wind trying to chase the RNC:


The Democratic National Committee raised $8.5 million in June, the month of the party’s presidential debates in Miami — less than half of the $20.7 million the Republican National Committee pulled in during that time period, disclosures show.

The DNC also spent almost as much money as it raised — $7.5 million — during that time and finished the month with $9.3 million cash on hand. Meanwhile, the RNC is building a large war chest during the lead-up to 2020 and had $43.5 million cash on hand at the end of the month.

Curiously, no one seems terribly concerned with the poor performance of Perez at the DNC, or at least not nearly as exercised as they should be at this stage. Instead, House Democrats seem intent on attacking the one campaign leader who actually knows what she’s doing, ignoring her success and kneecapping the operation in order to posture about “diversity.” Now they want to enlist the CHC in order to widen the Wokeback Mountain War.

Will the CHC bite on the taunt? Probably, but whether they do on this instance or not, this civil war is inevitable. Trump briefly distracted from it with his tweets about the “Squad,” but the internecine accusations of racism are the logical conclusion of the Left’s use of such claims against the Right. They saw that tactic as successful in those instances, so all of the incentives are in place to use the same tactic to seize control of the Democratic Party. If that means killing the Democrats’ only golden goose in this cycle, well, you have to abort a few golden eggs in order to make a woke omelet, or something. Until the hard-Left gets vanquished by the moderates or vice versa, nothing will prevent this from playing out to its predictable-meltdown end.


That leaves this question: Will America have to become a net corn importer in order to generate the amount of popcorn that will need to be passed in this cycle?

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