Green to Pelosi: We're voting on impeachment over Trump's "bigotry," whether you like it or not

Is Donald Trump worth impeaching? Nancy Pelosi says no, but Rep. Al Green says you’d better believe it. The Texas Democrat has twice tried to force the House to vote on impeachment but got blocked by a Republican majority. This morning, Green told C-SPAN’s Washington Journal that he would move yet another privileged motion and dare Pelosi to stop it:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s opposition to impeaching President Donald Trump won’t stop a House vote on the issue, as Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green intends to force one again like he twice did when Republicans held the majority.

“I’m going to bring it the floor of the House again,” Green said Tuesday morning on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal.” He declined to say when he plans to take action, saying, “The acid test is one that does not carry with it a specific date.” …

Green’s comments to C-SPAN about forcing another vote on impeaching Trump — the first with Democrats in the majority — comes after Pelosi told the Washington Post in an interview published Monday that she is “not for impeachment.” However, Green had already committed in a statement early last month that he would trigger a third House vote on the matter.

It seems as if Green has as little concern over Pelosi’s authority as caucus leader as … well, pretty much the rest of the Democratic caucus. According to House rules, though, Green’s correct. He can offer a privileged resolution on impeachment which would then require the House to take it up or table it. This time around, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy won’t be around to block it. Pelosi would have to organize at least some Democrats to table it, even while dozens of the caucus continue to support Green’s attempts to start impeachment proceedings.

However, Democratic investigations in Congress have only just begun to probe Trump’s businesses, campaign, and White House operations. What grounds will Green cite for impeachment? The answer should have Ilhan Omar laughing again, if not the rest of us:

Ahem. Green’s questions come just a few days after the entire Democratic caucus confronted anti-Semitic bigotry from Omar by “dealing with it in a politically expedient way,” with a meaningless “all hate matters” resolution that guarantees Democrats will “allow it to fester.” The Congressional Black Caucus — of which Green is a member — helped drive the Democrats to political expediency on the issue of bigotry in order to protect Omar from the consequences of her repeated transgressions. Green and his colleagues forced Pelosi away from dealing with bigotry “head on.”

In this context, it’s tough to take Green seriously. And with the inmates running the Democratic asylum these days, it’s tough to take Pelosi seriously, too.