Pompeo: Can't talk about Gang of 8 claim except to note McCabe's a liar

Did the top leaders of Congress know that the FBI had opened up a counterintelligence probe on Donald Trump, as Andrew McCabe claims? The former acting FBI director told Today’s Savannah Guthrie on Tuesday that the “Gang of Eight” raised no objections at all when he briefed them on the matter:

Two days later on the same show, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo chuckled when asked about McCabe’s claim. He tells Today’s Craig Melvin that he can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of any investigation, itself a rebuke of McCabe’s public statements. Pompeo then reminds Melvin of the circumstances of McCabe’s sudden departure from the FBI as an indirect answer to the question:

“I find it sad,” Pompeo says after chuckling over the question. “Andrew McCabe had the IG from the organization he worked for forever declare that he wasn’t credible. That’s unfortunate,” Pompeo continues, “and so I don’t put a lot of stock into things Mr. McCabe said.”

Pompeo is similarly bemused by McCabe’s shifting claims on the 25th Amendment and any supposed desire among Trump’s Cabinet to push Trump out. “I’ve been in the Cabinet for — since almost opening day for the Trump administration,” Pompeo says with a laugh. “I mean, that’s just ludicrous. I’ve never heard any discussion about it by anyone, by any of my fellow Cabinet members, or anyone else that’s serving in the executive branch.”

Perhaps one can chalk these responses up to Pompeo being a team player and nothing more. However, Pat Roberts’ retirement from the Senate gives Pompeo a golden ticket off of the Trump team if he wants it. Mitch McConnell wants him to run in Kansas and keep the seat safe. No dice, Pompeo told Melvin — he’s having too good a time where he’s at:

“I’m going to be the Secretary of State for as long as President Trump gives me the opportunity to serve as America’s senior diplomat,” Pompeo announced. “I love doing what I’m doing … It’s ruled out. I’m here, I’m loving it.” That doesn’t sound like a man who wants to stop the train to get off.