House Dem agenda item? "Gonna impeach the m*****f****r"; Tlaib: I'm speaking truth to power, y'all

Nancy Pelosi keeps saying wait and see on impeachment, but her newest colleagues have a very different idea. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who became a media darling by being the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress this election cycle, celebrated her installation in the House with supporters last night. She promised them that “we’re gonna impeach the m*****f****r.”

Needless to say, the following is NSFW, so adjust your speakers accordingly:

Tlaib, a Detroit native who Thursday became one of the first two Muslim women and the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress, is seen recalling her son’s response to her election.

“When your son looks at you and said ‘Mamma look you won, bullies don’t win,’” she appears to tell a cheering crowd. “And I said baby they don’t, because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherf—er.”

The exchange was captured on camera by an immigration activist, who also posted a group selfie with the new representative. NBC News has not verified the authenticity of the video, but has reached out to the representative and activist for comment.

It’s quite a group of newbies they have coming into office, eh? Nothing says “take me serious as a legislator” like dropping an MFer on a crowd. Between Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we’ll get plenty of entertainment, if not plenty of class from this freshman class.

As NBC also points out, this isn’t Tlaib’s first time for demanding immediate impeachment. She co-authored a Detroit Free Press essay published yesterday morning calling for the immediate start of impeachment proceedings. Tlaib and John Bonifaz insisted that Trump had already been proven to have committed crimes and that waiting for Robert Mueller to finish his probe was unnecessary:

We already have overwhelming evidence that the president has committed impeachable offenses, including, just to name a few: obstructing justice; violating the emoluments clause; abusing the pardon power; directing or seeking to direct law enforcement to prosecute political adversaries for improper purposes; advocating illegal violence and undermining equal protection of the laws; ordering the cruel and unconstitutional imprisonment of children and their families at the southern border; and conspiring to illegally influence the 2016 election through a series of hush money payments.

Whether the president was directly involved in a conspiracy with the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 election remains the subject of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. But we do not need to wait on the outcome of that criminal investigation before moving forward now with an inquiry in the U.S. House of Representatives on whether the president has committed impeachable “high crimes and misdemeanors” against the state: abuse of power and abuse of the public trust.

Each passing day brings new damage to the countless people hurt by this lawless president’s actions. We cannot undo the trauma that he is causing to our people, and this nation. Those most vulnerable to his administration’s cruelty are counting on us to act — act to remove the president and put this country on a path to true justice.

The only thing missing from this kitchen-sink argument is a couple of good MFers. Now that Tlaib is tossing those around in public, her argument sounds so much more credible, no?

Put aside the merits (or lack thereof) of this argument for the moment. The new Democratic majority came into being in significant part based on this emotional and partisan impulse to reverse the outcome of the 2016 election. Tlaib’s audience didn’t respond with an “aaahhhhhhmmmm” to her profane declaration — they reacted with delight. Just how will Nancy Pelosi ride herd on that impulse? And just how will the Democratic voting base react when she does?

If Robert Mueller produces evidence of impeachable acts, Pelosi won’t have to worry about it. If the report turns out to be a nothingburger on Russian collusion — as it appears more likely at the moment — Pelosi’s got a real problem. If she doesn’t get behind an “impeach the m*****f****r” bandwagon by the time the next election rolls around, those voters may not stick around. If she gives into Tlaib and the other impeachment activists and ends up failing to remove Trump, his voters will turn out in droves and Pelosi will have galvanized the GOP back into total unity.

Small wonder Pelosi would prefer to have Mueller indict Trump instead. She wants an escape hatch that simply will not exist. As conundrums go, this one’s a real m*****f****r.

Update: Tlaib responded on Twitter by arguing we should be impressed with her stunted vocabulary:

That’s not speaking truth to power. It’s self-inflating pandering to lowest common denominators, emphasis on lowest. As is this tweet.