Gillum campaign workers: Florida is a “f***ed up ... cracker state,” or something

Andrew Gillum has more problems than he can handle at the moment between corruption allegations and dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane. Project Veritas adds a couple of more to the pile today, however, with its latest undercover report on Democratic candidates. Their operatives get a couple of Gillum’s campaign workers — one in particular — saying extraordinarily foolish and/or revealing things on camera, such as their strategies to win in a “f***ed up … cracker state.”

Like other previous PV videos, this shows a lot of excuse-making for a lack of truth in advertising. For instance, did you know that Gillum is “part of the crazy, crazy crazies”? “Medicare for All, borderline socialism”? Gun control? No?

Featured in this report is a campaign staffer who works on Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign. Omar Smith, who says he went to college with Gillum, reveals Gillum cannot fulfill his campaign promises even if he wanted to.

When asked how Gillum would fund all the programs he says he wants to fund, Smith says Gillum “can’t,” and when asked if voters are aware that Gillum cannot deliver on his proposed programs, Smith says:

SMITH: “That’s not for them to know… That’s not for them to know. Remember our saying, modern day fairy tales start with ‘once I am elected.’”

Smith explains that most of Gillum’s campaign promises could never be implemented, and that the Gillum campaign knows this:

SMITH: “So, let’s go back to Mr. Gillum’s platform, right? Raise the corporate tax in Florida from 7 to 11 percent. That will never happen. Raise teacher’s pay to $50,000, that will never happen. Give me another position. Medicare for all, that will never happen. The reason being, the legislature that write the bills is all Republican controlled. Democratic governor, Republican legislature. So, unless the legislature writes a bill, and it got voted on the floor, it cannot pass.”

Smith says that “the rules in Florida are f***ed up” and that Florida is a “cracker state,” explaining that the Florida legislature has to become racially black for Gillum’s agenda to advance.

So how can Gillum win in a “cracker state”?

SMITH: “You whip ’em up. The poor, the middle income. You have to whip them up into a frenzy in order for them to vote. Once Gillum is in, in another 2 years, other Republican Senators and Legislators will be on the ballot. So, you have to whip up the Andrew Gillum voters again in those counties to vote out the Republican to get a Democratic Legislature in order for his (Gillum) will to be executed. … You have to appeal to white guilt… [be]cause that’s what it is.”

There’s plenty more at the link and in the video, so be sure to watch and read it all. The biggest lesson here is don’t hire your old college buddies to run your campaign. Most PV videos have featured a number of campaign workers, some volunteers and low-level paid staffers. Much of PV’s material in this video features Omar Smith, a salaried campaign worker who has been with Gillum since their days as college-campus progressive activists. You’d think that much experience would have taught Smith a thing or two about discretion, or Gillum a thing or two about Smith. Instead, here’s Gillum’s college pal telling everyone who will pay attention to him that it will take “force” to achieve Gillum’s agenda.

Right now, Gillum’s beginning to show some daylight between him and Ron DeSantis, and thanks to early voting, it might be took late for this video to reverse that momentum. However, a few more days of Omar Smith might still have an impact.

Allahpundit Aug 09, 2022 5:01 PM ET