Feel-good video of the day: Judge chases down escaping perps

Dude, he’s running. Actually, two defendants tried to run from the law in Lewis County, Washington last week — and nearly made it. In this video which went viral today, Judge R.W. Buzzard proved that no one outruns the law in his court,  especially if they faceplant down the stairs first:

Courthouse video shows the two inmates being led from the courtroom, but instead of following orders to go back to the jail, the two men they head for the door.

That’s when Judge RW Buzzard leaped into action.

“I didn’t know what to think by the time they hit the door I’m like ‘there’s nobody between them and the street, so I wanted at least to find out where they were going,” said Buzzard. …

“Once I got to the stairwell, I knew I was going to be able to catch the one that was just in front of me because I immediately started gaining on him,” said Buzzard.

Local media reported that Jacobson made it out to the street, but the judge grabbed Howard at the emergency exit, and Jacobson was arrested a few blocks away.

If cardio and collars were qualifiers for the Supreme Court, Judge Buzzard would definitely make the short list. Those skills may not get too much play during oral arguments, but … you never know. The next time someone misrepresents Brandenburg or tries to use Abood for precedent, having a Justice Buzzard might come in handy.

And it’s no fluke, either. Buzzard even has enough experience to know how to accessorize properly:

In April, he had to wrestle a man to the floor after the man attacked an attorney. There wasn’t security at the time due to the case being a civil matter.

“I found out at that time that grappling in a robe is very restrictive,” he told KOMO. “I couldn’t imagine running down the stairs and being in a robe, so I got it off as soon as I could and went after him.”

The judge said county officials are working to make courtrooms secure, but funding for additional staffing is a challenge. Jacobson and Howard are now facing charges for second-degree escape.

Add first-degree stupidity to the charges. Just how far did they plan on getting while handcuffed? Did they expect to blend in while wearing jailhouse uniforms?

Enjoy this moment of true justice over idiocy. Hopefully we’ll get an even more dramatic version of it soon after today’s ugly outbreak of political terrorism. Wouldn’t mind Judge Buzzard presiding over that trial.