Video: Dems try adjourning Kavanaugh Judiciary confirmation hearing; Update: A Schumer plot? Update: 44 Dem interruptions in the first 40 minutes

Nice try. Complaining about an eleventh-hour delivery of 42,000 documents, several Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee tried moving for an adjournment this morning of the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. That led to cheers from activists in the audience, but Chuck Grassley insisted that it was the American people’s turn to see the nominee to the Supreme Court:

Sen. Kamala Harris said, “We cannot possibly move forward, Mr. Chairman with this hearing. We have not been given an opportunity to have a meaningful hearing on this nominee.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal asked to adjourn the hearing if motion is not heard.

Sen. Cory Booker — to cheers — asks for a debate on the issues and asks why rush through this. He appealed to Grassley’s decency and integrity which Grassley said Booker was taking advantage of.

Grassley said he wanted to move forward, and protestors began shouting.

The objections of the minority might hold more consequence if the same senators hadn’t pledged to vote against the nominee even before he was appointed. All of them have gone on the record as a nay to Kavanaugh, regardless of his qualifications and temperament. All of them have had open access to twelve years of Kavanaugh’s work as an appellate jurist, which are the records most pertinent to this appointment, and Senate Democrats had covered his previous work in his 2006 confirmation hearing to the DC circuit. Complaining about the late release of barely relevant documents from an entirely different phase of Kavanaugh’s career is nothing more than a stunt.

Grassley plowed through it nonetheless, refusing to adjourn or postpone the hearing. Expect Senate Democrats to add this to their grievance pile, but otherwise it’s a nonsensical stunt, and a hypocritical one at that.

Update: Looks like this was a Chuck Schumer Special:

If these are the new rules, Democrats aren’t going to like them when the tables are turned. Didn’t Schumer learn a lesson from the nuclear option he and Harry Reid triggered? I guess not.

Update: Guy Benson checked his e-mail …

Update: NBC reports that this is a Schumer Special, too:

Maybe Allahpundit’s right. The best strategy for this would be to call the vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation now, and end this charade. That would deprive Senate Democrats with a platform for further histrionics. We already know what the outcome will be.

Update: If you’re keeping score …

If even one of these Democrats had claimed to be actually considering the nomination at this stage, maybe their objections would matter. As it is, though, it’s nothing but the further deterioration of the norms. Neither side will like what replaces those norms in the long run. Shame on Schumer and on every single one of these senators participating in the obstruction.

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