Free Beacon: DNC suuuure seems quiet on deputy chair's domestic-violence allegations

A fair point from the Free Beacon, if perhaps a bit premature yet. Thus far, the DNC has steadfastly refused to comment on two separate allegations of domestic violence involving its deputy chair, Rep. Keith Ellison, as he seeks the party’s nomination for attorney general in Minnesota. Is this out of respect for due process … or something else entirely? David Rutz wonders, too:

The Democratic National Committee has stayed silent so far on an ex-girlfriend’s allegations of abuse against DNC vice chairman Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.).

Ellison’s former girlfriend Karan Monahan has accused him of emotional and physical abuse during their relationship, and her son wrote on Facebook he saw a video of Ellison dragging her off the bed and cursing at her. Ellison, a progressive favorite running for Minnesota Attorney General, said there is no such video and denied any allegations of misconduct.

The DNC did not respond to the Washington Free Beacon‘s request for a response to the allegations on Tuesday, and it also did not respond to similar requests by the New York TimesWall Street JournalCNN, and The Daily Caller.

It might seem a little churlish to demand a response from the DNC before the allegations are fully fleshed out. That’s especially true when the timing of the allegations seems veeeery coincidental to a state primary. However, timing hasn’t bothered the Democratic National Committee and its leadership in the past when it comes to allegations before. Even with fellow Democrats, they’ve shot first and asked questions later:

Bear in mind that Franken was credibly accused by several women of inappropriate physical conduct, including forced kissing, but never got a chance at a Senate Ethics Committee hearing to deal with the allegations. He was also years away from an election, which meant that Perez and Franken’s colleagues in the Senate had plenty of time to let due process run its course. Instead, just on the basis of the allegations (and one juvenile and idiotic photo), Democrats ran Franken out of town.

This seems a lot more acute, what with Minnesotans going to the polls today to select the DFL nominee for attorney general. The allegations are also more serious, involving violent assaults on two women (if true) by someone vying to be the state’s highest ranking law enforcement officer. And yet the DNC and Perez seems in much less of a hurry to throw its deputy chair under a bus, prematurely or not, than they were with Franken.

That may well be the right thing to do. The alleged victim in this case refuses to release the video that her son insisted proved the allegations, and the wait for over a year to speak publicly about the incidents seems odd when stacked against the election calendar. On the other hand, there is evidence that it’s not the only time a woman has accused Ellison of domestic violence, either.

If this same set of circumstances involved a high-ranking RNC official or member of Congress, we can bet that the DNC and Perez would have something to say about it, even before any due process took place. On the other hand, we can also bet that the RNC would do exactly what the DNC is doing now in that same situation.