Sunday morning talking heads: Guns, global threats, and Trump, oh my

Some Sundays come at the end of a week so dominated by a single story that it creates a running theme through all the Sunday morning talk shows. This … is not one of those Sundays. In fact, the relatively slow news week — slow for the Age of Trump, anyway — appears to have provided a fairly unique smorgasbord of topics for discerning viewers today.

For those interested in the Trump/Russia saga, your best bet will probably be ABC, where Donald Trump attorney Jay Sekulow will lead off the chat, followed by John Kasich and whatever his two cents on the matter might be. If you want to take a pass on Kasich, flip over immediately to CBS, where Adam Schiff will get the second segment and undoubtedly will focus entirely on Russiagate. If foreign policy is more your bag, you’re better off with Fox News Sunday and their one-two punch of John Bolton and Marco Rubio.

One domestic-issue segment looks promising. FNS has Cody Wilson, the man behind the 3D-print gun designs, on to discuss his legal battles. Chris Wallace doesn’t often throw softballs, which means the director of Defense Distributed will have to come up with some interesting answers. On the other hand, NBC’s headlining Amy Klobuchar on Meet the Press by highlighting her suggestion from February that social media platforms could get fined for not screening out bots. Sounds like an, er, exciting discussion. Bring lots of coffee.

Otherwise, viewers might be better off picking their favorite roundtable. If George Stephanopoulos puts NYT editorial writer Michelle Cottle on the hot seat over Sarah Jeong, that one might get interesting, but otherwise I’d be inclined to stick with MTP’s panel, mostly for whip-smart Eliana Johnson.

One last observation: three of the five roundtables this week feature former Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton staffers. That seems a little curious.

  • ABC’s This Week — Trump attorney Jay Sekulow; Ohio governor John Kasich; Washington governor Jay Inslee; roundtable with former governor Chris Christie, Amanda Carpenter, New York Times editorial writer Michelle Cottle, and former Obama staffer Patrick Gaspard.
  • CBS’ Face the Nation — Kellyanne Conway; Rep. Adam Schiff; Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan; roundtable with NY Times’ Mark Landler, Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim, and CBS reporters Paula Reid and Leslie Sanchez.
  • CNN’s State of the Union — Rep. Ed Royce; former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick; roundtable with Rep. Nanette Barragán, former Sen. Rick Santorum, Bill Kristol, and former Hillary Clinton staffer Karen Finney.
  • Fox News Sunday — John Bolton; Sen. Marco Rubio; Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed; roundtable with Karl Rove, WSJ’s Jason Riley, USA Today’s Susan Page, and Hillary Clinton advisor Philippe Reines.
  • NBC’s Meet the Press — Senator Amy Klobuchar;  roundtable with ACU’s Al Cardenas, NYT’s Helene Cooper, Washington Post’s Robert Costa, and Politico’s Eliana Johnson.

Note: Thanks to Hal Boedeker at the Orlando Sentinel for information on a couple of these shows, whose websites are oddly bereft of any mention of their upcoming lineups.