Developing: Thai rescue restarts, three more safely extracted; Update: Fourth today out

It took longer than the initial ten-hour estimate, but the massive operation to rescue the remaining eight boys and their soccer coach from a Thailand cave has finally restarted. After pulling four boys out from the cave system yesterday, three more boys have emerged with rescuers:

NBC reported on the first extraction following a three-hour journey to the outside:

A fifth member of the youth soccer team trapped for more than two weeks in a flooded cave in Thailand was freed Monday.

Rescue workers carried a stretcher from the mouth of the cave to a waiting ambulance, which then sped away with flashing lights. A Thai navy official later confirmed that the boy emerged around 5 p.m. local time (6 a.m. ET). …

The same divers who took part in Sunday’s rescue in the huge and waterlogged Tham Luang complex were deployed Monday because they know the cave, authorities said.

The latest rescue came about six hours into Monday’s mission.

CBS has video of his transport to the hospital:

The good news from yesterday continued for the boys who had already been rescued. They have been quarantined at a nearby hospital but are said to be in good health — and very hungry. Their families will have to wait 48 hours to see them, but the boys are expected to make a full recovery. ABC News gave viewers a look at the preparations for the boys at the local hospital:

Officials called the four boys who have already been rescued, “hungry, but happy.” Officials said the boys are already eager to eat khao pad ka pow (fried rice with basil).

While the boys have been rescued from the cave, parents haven’t actually gotten a chance to meet with them. The boys are being quarantined due to the fear of infection. Officials did say they were considering allowing the parents to meet with the boys through a glass partition in the meantime.

It’s all good news so far at the start of the operation. The weather has even cooperated after raining a little earlier in the day. The expected summer monsoons have not yet arrived, giving rescuers a little more time to stage the operation. If any more water enters the cave from oncoming storms, they may make the operation impossible and force the remaining rescuees farther up the cave system, or worse overwhelm them. Time is definitely not on their side.

We’ll update as developments warrant.

Update: We’re up to yesterday’s total of four extractions. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep going: